Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 42 (Riverside Hotel)

It has happened. We knew it would, we just didn't know when. But here I am at Riverside Hospital, hanging out until these three little babies arrive. At my high risk Dr. appointment yesterday, my cervix was measuring 10mm again. So I was sent to Riverside for my extended stay.

I was able to go home first to pack and say bye to Charlie and Liv. Honestly, I was feeling fine about going to the hospital until I got home and had to tell my babies that I was leaving for a little while. They will come and visit me frequently, of course, but I miss them just the same. Just being able to hear their little voices (even during a tantrum) was comforting to me when I was at home. Charlie especially seemed to understand that something momentous was happening. He just wanted hugs and kisses galore, and when I finally walked to the door, his little face said it all. Liv followed me to the door, but he hung back with a "blank" kind of stare that said, "I don't think I like what's going on here." MooMoo, who stayed a little late so that Eli could take me to the hospital and get me settled, said that Livy and Charlie wanted to say prayers on Mommy's bed, even though I wasn't there. And they did. Thank you MooMoo for granting that request! :) It is comforting that I am leaving my children in kind, loving hands.

For the duration of this pregnancy, I have been imagining being back here at Riverside. I wondered which room I would have (it's not the one I had before), if the nurses were still the same, if they would remember me, if the food would be as disastrous as the last time. The verdict on the food is still out as I've only had breakfast that I didn't order myself. It's when I ask for special things (which I do every meal!) that things get sticky. However, I almost feel like I've come home here. I have only had one nurse so far that I haven't met before. She was a night nurse too, so I didn't see her much.

When I got here, Audrey 1, as Eli and I call her, got me settled and checked me into this lovely hotel. :) Then I had the new nurse, but in the morning when she woke me up to take a quick listen to the babes' heartbeats, another nurse followed her in. I couldn't see her at first, but I recognized that voice! It was Audrey 2. It took her a few minutes but she finally realized why I looked familiar to her. And finally, I had prayed that my day nurse would be Beth. I enjoyed her so much last time, and when I left the hospital so abruptly, we never got to say good-bye. Dr. Melillo said that she cried the next morning when she heard why I had been transferred to OSU. She knew me before she walked in the door this morning. :) So we get to "hang out" today. And by "hang out" I mean I laugh at her funny comments while she sticks me with various needles. :) BUT! Here is the major difference between OSU and Riverside (knowing the nurses here helps too.) When I took a shower this morning, I came out and Beth had given me fresh bedding, including an extra blanket because she said she remembered that I liked to have two. AND she brought me fresh ice (I LOVE hospital ice!) in a cup with a couple things of apple juice. Without my having to ask. Seriously?! I was at OSU for 3 days and my sheets weren't changed once, much less every day.

So. As much as being in the hospital can be a bummer, I'm fairly sure I couldn't have a better experience ahead of me as I do this time. What happens with the babies is out of my control at this point. I know I am doing all that I can and that there are a multitude of prayers being sent heavenward for our family. So I will "enjoy" my time here as much as I possibly can, and keep relying on the feeling that everything is going to work out. These babies are gonna make it, I really feel that to be true. We just have to travel this bumpy path to get them here. But we're walking it with family and friends we know and love. How blessed are we?


stacey erin said...

I am so happy that you are comfortable and in good spirits! Think of you&Eli, Liv&Charlie, and H,D&L every day. (I'm committed to making that stick!)

Also, any boy names in the hopper? I would like to offer two suggestions. Either Michael & John, or Peter & James (as in Cpt. James Hook). :) Too storybook?

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (that's a hug and a kiss for each of you!)

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

Glad to hear that so far things are going well. I wish you a LONG stay (as in, those babies will get nice and huge)- If you ever want me to come and visit and we can play some board games, I'm always up for it! Just let me know :D
(I'll even sneek you in some REAL food)

Kelly said...

I am coming to visit you soon! I hope your wonderful nurses continue to take such good care of you and those babies!! Sending you love and thoughts today!!

nancy said...


Autumn said...

Good way to think about it--a hotel! I'd love to come visit if you're up for it. How terrific for you to have such great nurses!! So do I have this right-the nurses that were at OSU are now at Riverside??? Nice.

Abby said...

Autumn, I delivered at OSU last time, but I spent my 8 weeks of hospitalized bed rest here at Riverside. I had a last minute transfer to OSU to actually have the c-section. But that's a whole other blog post. I'll share the story with yous sometime. :)

Autumn said...

Oh, that's right, your Dad, right? So glad you get to have the same ladies!!!


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