Monday, May 9, 2011

Charlie and Liv's Bedroom Makeovers

I finished Charlie and Olivia's new rooms about a week ago and wanted to post the results. I think they turned out great!

The nursery is a work (no longer) in progress. :) We were able to get cribs up and furniture moved around, and I washed and put away so many tiny little clothes! But that's about all we could do before bed rest began, so there will be a few things left once the babies arrive, but our house has had a mini-makeover, and I love it!


[Red Sox] Wife said...

wow abby, the rooms look amazing!! Liv's room is my favorite.. is it terrible that I want to have a room just like hers???

good luck on bedrest! I think I would go completely bonkers. let me know if you want something sent to you from utah and I would be happy to oblige!

Ruth Kron

Andrea said...

I went through the same feeling with my highest risk pregnancy with Aubrey.I had the spiritual assurance that she would be born, and born healthy, and that it was my job to be calm and do everything the Docs said. "Every day is an ounce gained" was my motto.My doctor remarked on how calm and focused I was, how I never became impatient or cross.Malcolm too was very focused on caring for his family, and together we made it.She was born at 38 weeks, a skosh under 8 lbs.
What are you doing to keep busy? How can I be of help?

Love and kisses,


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