Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bed Rest: Days 21-23 (OSU Hospital Stay)

Update: The surgery went well. I am home now and feeling fine. The babies are also doing well, so now we're back to waiting. My bed rest is more strict as I can no longer eat at the table, and the kids can't visit me in the room unattended. But it's good to be back here with my family.

As for my hospital stay, here are my discoveries this time around...

* the OSU patient gowns are not my best color.

* thank goodness for Skype.

* sharing a room hasn't been as awful as it sounds. I'm not about to throw a party in my room, but there's more privacy than I thought there would be.

* having said that, I hope I don't have to do the room sharing thing again.

* when they say you are going to have an emergency cerclage put in, that really means you'll be sitting and waiting for your emergency surgery for about 24 hours. (i.e. don't have an emergency anything.)

* big, tall buildings only make a good view if you are in New York City.

* simply moving out of your "comfort space" changes much more than where you are. I had a great little routine going on, and now I can't seem to remember how I filled my time.

* the day I was admitted to the hospital, the babies started kicking enough to feel it by touching my belly. I've been enjoying that feeling as I hang out here.

* as surgeries go, having a cerclage put in might be the most humbling.

* having a spinal is one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. Watching your legs move (and even moving them yourself) without feeling a thing is akin to an out of body experience.

* this is the way to leave the hospital.


nancy said...

this picture deserves an award. wait...... so do you.

Kelly said...

This is by far my favorite picture!!

stacey erin said...

I'm so happy to see a post from you. Especially a post that says everything went fine, and that you and HDL are all healthy and kicking your legs.

And that picture... I got tears in my eyes. What a precious and lucky family you are.


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