Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 20

Things I've learned since beginning bed rest (in no particular order)...

1. Mom's on bed rest still "nest."

2. I am much more productive when I have weeks to sit and think about things I want to do around the to just find someone to do it. :)

3. Documentaries are cool. Really.

4. I forgot how much I truly missed reading.

5. Children are better appreciated when you can step back from the everyday duties of life. What a joy it has been to sit back and observe their wonderfulness without having to worry about the laundry, dishes, and dusting.

6. Cooking is super appealing when you can't do it.

7. Independence and capability are often mistaken for the drudgery of every day life.

8. Being home is SO much better than being in the hospital.

9. Decorating your home really should be a priority. If you love your space, you don't mind being in it...all day...everyday.

10. I love my family. A LOT.

11. Keeping the windows open, even if it's a bit warmer than is comfortable, is the difference between prison and a vacation.

12. You can never have enough pillows.

13. The bin under my nightstand is perfect for storing that box of chocolate chip cookies my neighbor brought over. ;)

14. Good friends are just might not know it yet.

15. Watching others enjoy life is as good as enjoying it yourself.

And that's just in 20 days. :)

1 comment:

nancy said...

i love you, you KNOW that? you have such a wonderful perspective. everyone who knows you is lucky.


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