Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guest Post

My mom just posted this on her blog. I was going to do something similar, so I just decided to steal her post and slap it into my own blog. :) But I'm giving her credit, so it's okay.

She writes:

my almost 2-year old twin grandchildren, charlie and olivia, are uber into music, which is no surprise, really, since both of their parents are uber into music. but being uber into music, which is a very good thing to be uber into, can also be uber annoying. case(s) in point:

we drove over to my parents' home yesterday for an evening of tree decorating, dinner, and fun - and sure enough, we had all three. but, notice i said we "drove" over there (we drove back, too.) therein lies the uber problem:

eli was driving (the minivan), abby was in the passenger seat, charlie was in his car seat behind eli, olivia was in her car seat behind abby, and i was in the hinterlands waaaaaaaaaaay in the back. and from my vantage point, the sounds of being uber into music went something like this:

charlie: jiggle bells!

charlie: jiggle bells!

charlie: jiggle bells!

abby: you want to listen to jingle bells, charlie?

charlie: yeah!

charlie: jiggle bells!

charlie: jiggle bells!

abby: hold on, charlie......i'm lookin' for it is......hold it comes!........

charlie/olivia: jiggle bells/sanna cwaus!

abby: liv, charlie wants to hear jingle bells, ok, honey? so, we're gonna listen to jingle bells first and then we'll listen to santa claus is comin' to town. ok?

charlie: jiggle bells!

olivia: sanna cwaus!

abby: charlie, it's coming, just hang on. hang on. hang on. here it comes.......hang on......olivia, be patient. i said, be patient, olivia.

olivia: sanna cwaus!

charlie: jiggle bells!

olivia: sanna cwaus!

charlie: jiggle bells!

eli: charles and olivia need to use your indoor voices. daddy's trying to drive the minivan and it's snowing outside and the roads are in poor condition and mommy is trying her best to get the CD into the CD player and we......

charlie: jiggle bells!

olivia: sanna cwuas!

abby: mommy's getting a little frustrated, guys, and i need you to stop yelling and be patient.

eli: yes. and if you can't be patient, we're going to listen to mannheim steamroller.

charlie: mayhem rower!

olivia: jiggle bells!

I write: oy vey!


Abbey said...

When I read this on your mom's blog, I couldn't stop laughing! This will be especially hilarious to those lucky folks who have shared a car ride with your children. :)

Anonymous said...

as long as you credit your source, it's not plagiarism. :)

Stacey said...

I want to travel with your family, always. Can I be crazy Aunt Stacey who shows up unannounced and goes on fun adventures with you guys??

The Katzbox said...

HAHAHAHAHAH...I can see everything!!! AND hear it!



Manheim Eli.


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