Sunday, October 31, 2010


Thursday was our community's trick-or-treat night. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time because we missed Halloween last year as the kids were sick. So this was the first time we dressed them up and took them around. Although it didn't last long. It was so cold!

We only went to three houses, and I have to say that 2/3 of them shouldn't have been passing out candy. They were not in the holiday mood. It was very plain that they did NOT think this trick-or-treat tradition was all that fun. But we didn't care! The kids were so cute! Liv knocked on all the doors and said, "Knock, knock!" They haven't quite mastered "trick-or-treat", but they still received some candy...that Mommy and Daddy ate with the exception of a couple suckers. I know, I know. But we just don't do sweets much with the kids, and they don't miss it much.

Charlie dressed up as Charlie Brown and Olivia dressed up as the ballet version of Olivia the pig. This might be the last year they couldn't have cared less what they wore, so I just had to do these costumes.

Our ward had their Halloween party and chili cook-off the week before and so we dressed the kids up and headed over for that too. (Charlie's costume pic is from the party as he wasn't up for a photo session before trick-or-treat.)

We are supposed to go to Worthington tonight and dress up again, though we probably won't do much actual trick-or-treating, but with Charlie's cold, it's up in the air. So here are some pictures of our own Halloween celebration thus far.

We also decorated and carved a couple pumpkins with the twins. We painted one black and stuck neon googly eyes all over it.

We carved the other one and stripped the Liv and Charlie down so they could experience the insides of the pumpkin. They didn't even take the tiniest touch! I was stunned!

This is what Liv thought of the whole experience...

and Charlie thought...


Emmy Slusser said...

Charlie: how far can I throw this round thing? And, can I get some spin on it?

They are totally adorable, Abs and Eli! Love them so much!!!

The Katzbox said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot stand how adorable they are. I mean it. These pictures are crazy cute.

Abby, I love to watch you and Eli with the kids. There is so much love and so much fun and laughter. It's a joy to be in your home and with your family. I feel blessed just being there. Thanks for all you do. You are amazing.


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