Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wa's Ah?! (trans. "What is Up?")

I haven't been blogging lately. There's no time. When your children take two 30 minute naps a day, there's just no time. But this morning they have been asleep for an hour and 30 minutes! They are just beginning to wake up as I begin this blog. :) Naturally.

First of all, I must confess that I have been terrible at taking pictures of the kids this past month...and the month before that. Anyway, here's a little of what we have been up to since the move.

Charlie is definitely mobile! He doesn't "crawl" in the typical sense, because he doesn't bend his knees. Instead he crawls using mostly his arms with a little help from his toes! Generally only one set of toes, while the other leg drags limply across the floor. Haha! How stinkin' cute is that? This maneuver gets him wherever he wants to go...just not fast enough. He's beginning to get a bit frustrated. Charles has also started to pull himself up on things. Generally he will do this to reach for a book. I think he's really starting to enjoy reading. This is something I wish I did more of, but it's tricky when you have two to tend to. Now that we are at Mom's it frees up more time for those kinds of things. Thanks Mom!

Charlie is also learning to use his spoon. (Livy is kind of interested, but still prefers to just chew on it.) This boy loves to eat, any way he can get it.

Meanwhile, Livy has realized that she can crawl all over the house. Things haven't gotten too out of hand yet, but she's a mover and shaker. So far she found a candle (unlit!), and Pippi's water bowl. She's also been working on the splits lately. And she's pretty much got it down pat. The next Olympic gymnast perhaps?

Since we've been living downtown, we have done a few things. We enjoy our urban walks, and one day we walked up to Broad St. with Gram for a little farmer's market that's in an alley. We had lunch at this hole in the wall Latin restaurant and it was soooooo good. The twins enjoyed it too.

We have a new tradition now. I like to call this my "Bad Mom Tradition", because I don't really think that any kind of regular TV watching is appropriate for infants. But nonetheless! After their afternoon nap, Livy and Charlie come into our room, have a bottle with me on the bed and we (I) watch an episode of Ellen...or Oprah if the topic is baby friendly. The kids don't really watch (they play with their toys)...unless you are Olivia Bowman and you just love Ellen!

So that's "Wa's Ah!" in a nut shell. :)


The Katzbox said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Ellen needs to see those pictures of Livvy watching her show. Those are too stinkin' cute. Really!!!

And those pics of Charlie you love it that he adores eating-given how difficult his first year has been gastrointestinally? Atta boy Charlie bear!!!!

Cute Post!!!!!!

Emmy Slusser said...

CUUUUUTTEEE POST, ABS!! Cute, cute, cute, irresistable, want to jump through my screen and kiss them cute!

Mommy Tips said...

I had a video of Livy crawling relentlessly toward the TV, but for some reason I can't post it. It's so funny!

Glad you enjoyed the post.

Linda said...

Oh, that Charlie! Becoming such a chow hound and that cute way of teaching himself to crawl! That's our Boy ... freestylin'.

And LivyLu watching Ellen - How cute are these kids going to get, anyway?

What a treat to get these new pictures.


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