Friday, October 9, 2009

OSU vs. Indiana Game

Last weekend Eli and I went with our friends the Browns to Bloomington, Indiana for the OSU away game. This was Adam's birthday gift this year. We had such a great time! It was a night game, so we planned to go to the game and then return to the hotel for some late night fun. Well, apparently we all definitely are parents. Instead of playing euchre till the wee hours of the morning, we ordered some pizza and went straight to bed. The sleep was much needed and much appreciated the next morning.

We did sneak in a game of euchre and a game of Shanghai Rum before we left for the game though. Sadly, these games cost us practically all of the first quarter. Let's put it this way, Indiana University has A LOT to learn about directing traffic for a game. It took us an hour to get to the university and then another hour to get to our parking lot. Then, once we got into the stadium, no one seemed to know where the visitors section was. This turned out to be to our benefit as we ended up watching the game (for a few brief moments), with nothing but a fence between us and the field.

This was quite a thrill for even me...but Eli was super excited!

After getting kicked out of our special viewing area, we searched for our seats. Get this! The visitors section at Indiana University isn't physically marked with a number even though there is a section number on your ticket! We had to ask a total of six people how to get to our section! We passed two OSU fans who were heading in the opposite direction. They said they were giving up and going to a bar to watch the game. Can you believe it?! But we did find our seats eventually.

After the game we walked down the bleachers to hear the team sing Carmen Ohio.
My picture is blurry. :(

As we were leaving we saw this sign...

We figured this is the gate the guy sitting behind us had to leave through. He fell over on the people in front of him (not us) three times! A girl even offered me her poncho..."just in case." Thankfully he left during half-time.

All in all it was a fantastic trip, even with all the little hiccups. Though I do enjoy a good OSU game, I enjoyed spending time with my husband and friends the most. I missed the babies bunches, but it was a much needed respite. Thanks for inviting us Browns! And Happy Birthday Adam!


The Lorenz's said...

I'm glad you two had a great time at the game! How exciting to have some adult time. My goal next year is to go to an OSU game, since it's been almost FIVE years since I've been to one.

The Katzbox said...

Happy birthday indeed...and a present for EVERYONE!!!!

What great pictures. I loved them. You all look wonderful. And I hear you loud and clear about the "plans" for the evening but sleep taking over. This happened repeatedly to Don and I when we got together with our friends, the Hebdons, as the kids were growing up. The dad, Kelly, would be the first one to pass out on our "man-eating" couch.

So...bravo for staying up as late as you did. I love you all.

Emmy Slusser said...

What fun! Great friends are so important! Last night we had our four best friends (All the guys are friends, all the wives are friends. .it's fantastic!) over with their children. It was so much fun and we felt so blessed that we even have these people in our lives. I am so happy you have this too. Cherish it. .. it doesn't come around every day. :)


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