Monday, July 20, 2009

Swing and Duck (a la King)!

We've been having a lot of fun lately. First off, Eli and I had our 5 year anniversary celebration on Friday night. Before we had to get ready to go out, we took Charlie and Liv on a walk to the park. We decided to put them in the swing and see how they liked it. Liv wasn't too sure about it, but Charlie enjoyed the ride. And they both fit in the same swing!
To celebrate our anniversary, we decided to use the last of our Cameron Mitchell gift cards to go to Martini downtown. Now. We've been to all of the Cameron Mitchell restaurants. And we love them all. We've even been to Martini. But not since they made some changes to their atmosphere and menu. Let me just say for the record...NEVER, have either of us had such a delicious tasting meal from start to finish. It was to die for. We started with bruschetta that didn't have a single tomato! Just gooey cheese and asparagus. Delish! Then we tried the Zuppa Pomodoro with pesto on the bottom of the bowl. Coulda eaten a bucket of it, though that would have taken away from the delightful presentation a bit I suppose. We split two salads, Ceasar and the Martini salad. YUM to both! Eli had pasta in a garlic cream sauce with chicken and "bacon" i.e. proscuitto. I had spinach and veal ravioli with shaved truffles in a similar sauce. Magic! To finish it off we enjoyed a lemon creme brulee tart with raspberries. Truly the BEST dinning experience to date. Now. Go there for dinner tonight!

After the meal we met up with Adam and Liz to enjoy Harry Potter 6 sans babies. (Gram and Muff watched the kiddos until Saturday evening! Thanks Gram and Muff!) It was so wonderful to enjoy a night out with our good friends. The movie was great too. Lots of one-liners. Liz and I probably won't be hanging around with Eli and Adam much for the next few weeks. They tend to over use movie one-liners. Okay, "over use" is a bit of an understatement...okay, so is "the next FEW weeks."

Anyway. We had such a blast we decided to invite the whole Brown family to a Clipper's game Saturday night. Mom, Borky, Grandma and Grandpa were all supposed to go, but they changed their minds, so we took Adam and Liz instead. It was the first baseball game for the kids. We had to cover the chidlren a handful of times in fear that the home run hits might hit the them, but we were safe. It rained a bit at the beginning, but the sun came out partway through the game. I couldn't tell you much about the game, though, as I probably only watched about 5 minutes of it. Baseball games are among the experiences that change a bit when you have twins. :) But we had a good time just being out together.

"Play ball!"

PS. Isn't my blog title so creative?! "Swing" at the park, "Swing and Duck "at the ball game, and "Duck a la King" for the food! Yeah, I know, we had try combining all of those things into one post title!


The Katzbox said...

What a delightful entry!!! *and title :)* I will save up and go to Martini's when I come to town in a few years *sigh* j/k. But you wrote a rave makes me miss D even more...we would have had a BLAST there...we loved the short north to no end and had our fave hang outs and even our most favorite servers...ask me about the gnat's a** tea guy some time :)

And the pics...ahhhhh, the pics...and a bonus pic of Adam, Liz and Anne....YAY...and a VIDEO YET!!!! Perfection!!!!

You are too much...all of you...I love you so much. thanks thanks thanks.

Love, moo

Anonymous said...

wow, your dinner sounds over the moon! major yum!

those little babies of yours are the cutest things in the world. (and on the moon!)

The Lorenz's said...

Cute pictures! I'm glad you had a happy anniversary!

Valerie said...

Martini's is on our list for next year's anniversary (it's my Mom's favorite though). Hope you got your free dessert!


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