Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Post Like My Mom Makes

I went to get my hair done today, and while I was waiting for the bleach to seep into my brain, I read Us magazine. Now, I don't usually read Us magazine, but the selection wasn't so great today. So I picked it up and read all of the tidbits about the stars that may or may not be true. Who can tell really.

Partway through the magazine, I came across a picture of Penelope Cruz and her boyfriend, or "beau" as they say in the celeb magazine world. There was a quote from her regarding whether or not wedding bells were in their future. Her response? "No, I don't think I believe in marriage."

ERRRRRR! Hold it right there. WHAT?!

What does that mean exactly? It's not like marriage is a theory or philosophy. It is (barring all religious connotations) a social institution. How can you NOT believe in it? Does that mean that Penelope does not believe that all of the people who are "married" aren't really "married"?

No. Of course I know that's not what she means. But that's what it sounds like. What she really should have said is that she doesn't believe she is capable of having a happy marriage. Or perhaps that she doesn't want to work that hard at it. It's easier to have a boyfriend than a husband. That's what it comes right down to right? That for her, she'd rather not make that commitment.

How sad. And she's not the only one who thinks that. What happened to all of those little girls who dreamed endlessly of marrying the man they love? I'm not so sure there's anything wrong with that.


Abbey said...

This is a Nancy post. :)

But really...that is a ridiculous comment.

Anonymous said...

well, i don't know if it's a nancy post or not, but yes, you are absolutely right.

"i don't believe in marriage" is like "i don't believe in breathing.'

which, maybe if she didn't, we'd all be better off.

(jeeze! THAT was mean! did i really just say that?)

Valerie said...

Sad. She might have also meant that she doesn't believe marriage is needed for two people to have a happy life together. I've seen a trend in my college friends lately- let's stay together for 4+ years and then maybe get married. They say "There's no difference in being together or being married." I say "If there's no difference then why wait?"

Valerie said...

Oh, and I mean "if" with big quotations marks. Because of course there's a difference.

The Katzbox said...

Your post was spot on. Her remarks needed clarifying. Your critical thinking skills are finely honed. I'm relatively certain that most people would have let her comments slip right by-including myself...Thanks for pointing it out.



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