Sunday, March 29, 2009

They Are Blessed...And So Are We.

Olivia and Charlie received their baby blessings today in church. Eli pronounced their blessings upon them while Peter (his mom's husband), David (his uncle), Brother Nunez, Brother Self, and our very good friend Adam surrounded each of our children, in turn, to support Eli in that blessing. The Spirit was so strong, and it felt so wonderful to know that these blessings were given by worthy priesthood holders. We knew our children were special...this confirmed it.

Charles David Bowman was blessed with...

The spirit will act as a guidance and as a warning to you in your life.
You have been blessed with a strong and healthy body.
You have been blessed with the ability to influence others through your personality.
You have been blessed with a sensitivity to the spirit.
The spirit will prompt you to make decisions.
You will know the spirit.
You will be shielded from the adversary.
You have been blessed with good parents and grandparents who love you and who will help you.
Your family will always remain intact.
As you remain righteous, you will serve a mission.
You will be married in the temple.
Your posterity will bless you.

Olivia Ruth Bowman was blessed with...

You will always be righteous.
Through your diligence to scripture study and prayer, you will prove to be influential and instrumental in the hand of the Lord in bring His sheep back to the fold.
You have a loving and kind spirit.
You will be a mother with a faithful husband a wonderful family.
You will have temple marriage.
If you desire, you may serve a mission.
I bless you that you will always be humble.
Your family will always be supportive of you and be there for you in your trials and the Lord will comfort you.

Most of the family was there. Due to sickness, broken toes, and other reasons there were some who could not attend. We missed them. I missed Dad. BUT. Dad was there...I felt him, and he was happy. Another Father was there too. Our Heavenly Father. I felt Him as well, and He was happy.

It has been an emotional day, but we will soon be off to Mom's for a little celebration.


Eli Bowman said...

It was such a great day...I just missed the Slusser's a ton.

Em Dog said...

Oh, shoot. . we missed YOU a ton, too! I can't believe we were there. ..but, weren't there. DOH! That last picture of the babies is soo stinking cute, I can't stand it! I think every year for Christmas it would be fun to make a photo album for dad and mom with pictures from the year (kind of like I did this past year) with all the Bowman kids. .wouldn't that be neat? i would totally want one, too, because then I can have pictures of the precious ones.

The Katzbox said...

I like that idea... :)

In fact, I like the title, "The Precious Ones" :)

Aren't we all? :)


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