Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a few days since I last posted. This is because I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right hand last Thursday. Needless to say, typing extensively has been tricky. Mom has been her ever-helpful self by taking the week off work and staying with me during the day to help care for Charlie and Liv. And to care for me right after surgery. I must be a light-weight 'cause I was out of it. If you don't know for yourself, take it from me that all of that psychedelic stuff did NOT just pop out of thin air. Experiences people, experiences. My hand is still a little sore, but I do think it's getting better...most of the time. Carrying these babies all day takes its toll.

I'm still not sure whether or not to get my left hand done. If I do, it'll have to wait. I just wasn't prepared for how being in a hospital again would affect me. I think I had a little PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) regarding Dad. It was rough.

But despite my incapacitated hand, we have still done quite a lot. So I thought I'd let the kids catch you up.

We took a walk around downtown Worthington in our big kid stroller!

Charlie didn't stop crying.

We went to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Rankin.

It was lots of fun!

Charlie never actually woke up in time to see their house.

But Livy got a special treat from Great Grandpa Rankin. Her first pickle! She loved it, just like her mommy did when Grandpa gave her her first taste of pickle.

Grammy had a music time with us. She played instruments and sang songs like "The REAL Wheels on the Bus." Grammy knows what really happens on a bus 'cause she sometimes rides it when she's downtown. We now know what the city moms, the homeless man, and the fat lady say on the bus. We also learned that these wipers go "eh, er, eh!" instead of "swish, swish." Funny, but NOT P.C. Oh, well, that's our Gram!

And after all of that, we were just plain worn out.


The Katzbox said...

Adorable...all of it...thanks so much for pics, honey...they are always so appreciated...Olivia is so composed in her pics, it's amazing to watched...and my heart just aches for Charlie...sweet sweet Charlie...but no matter how badly he feels, he can't hide his!!! These are some seriously cute kids....WOW!!!

The Lorenz's said...

So cute! I'm glad you're recovering from your surgery and hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

these babies are such a joy. i could just eat them up.

Abbey said...

I can't believe how big they've gotten in just a few weeks!

Remind me, when did you guys say you were coming to visit? :)

Eli Bowman said...


Stephanie Jette said...

Beautiful babies. I just love them to pieces. Thank you for giving us these wonderful children. I love you all.


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