Thursday, October 16, 2008

What happened on my "It's All About Me" Day (aka My Birthday)

Alright, so after singing to myself to ring in my birthday, I went to sleep. And I slept. A lot. It was nice. :)

When I woke up, I walked into the kitchen and was greeted by a wonderful collection of birthday balloons! (Thanks Mom!) After getting ready, Mom brought me my special birthday breakfast of Oven Puff pancakes with a little applesauce and cinnamon in the middle. And syrup. Gotta have syrup. On the tray was a small gift wrapped in tissue paper. It was a couple yummy smelling little soaps! I am totally a yummy smelling bath product kind of girl. :)

A little while later, Mom came in with another little tissue paper clad item. "Birthday Break!" She exclaimed. And thus began the seemingly endless stream of "birthday breaks." It included lotions, creams, a yummy smelling Cake Batter candle (also a yummy smelling candle kind of girl), a few cute cards, and finally a basket full of goodies. Charlie and Olivia will even benefit from some of my brithday gifts. :) It made my birthday extra special and fun. Leave it to Mom to pull out all the stops and be creative and cute while doing it!

When Eli came home from work, he came with dinner. Not just any kind of dinner. My special birthday request dinner...from Red Robin! What did I get? If you know me you just don't need to ask. But for those of you who claim to know me, but apparently don't, I ALWAYS get the bonzai burger. Always. This is a non-pregnancy craving for me, it's just so darn good. Ialso ordered a salad and a smoothie. Oh! So tasty! While eating, Eli unveiled my birtheday gifts. A magazine subscription to "Wonder Time", which is put out by the same people who do "Family Fun", which I love. So I'm excited to read my first issue. He also got me a funny book called "Pregnancy Sucks". Hehe! His cards, as always, were too funny and creative. He's a cutie.

Later, Dad and Laura came over to visit. They also came bearing gifts. Tickets for Eli and I to 4 shows! Grease, Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang, The Color Purple, and A Chorus Line. Also gifts certificates to Cameron Mitchell restaraunts. 4 certificates for each of the 4 shows. The first one is December 19th, so as long as I'm not in the hospital I should be able to go.

THEN! Just as they were leaving, Adam and Liz came over! So we watched the debates together and enjoyed a yummy (there's that word again) mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Graeters. All in all it was a great day. And to top it all off, so many friends wished me a happy birthday via facebook, email and phone calls. Thanks to everyone for making my day such a success. I almost forgot I was stuck on the couch! :)


The Bowmans said...

happy i could help! glad you enjoyed it, Ab. i'm already thinking of ideas for next year!

love ya!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had such a nice day.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had such a nice day.

Eliot Bowman said...

YAY for The Dear Sweet One!! Happy birthday, my love.


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