Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Baby Poems

Call Me Grammy

my daughter's pregnant
along with her hubby
his name is eli (and he's not chubby)

they're having twins
that's two, a pair
and i don't think
they really care
if it's two boys,
two girls,
or one

of each
which would be
so much fun,

but all i know is
i can smell them now
all soap and jammy
ready for bed
all sleepy and pink

this is the greatest joy,
i think.

~Nancy Bjorkman (a.k.a. "Grammy")

This is a poem my Mom wrote on her blog. I have added it to my own blog because, first, I love it. My Mom is such a talented poet. And second, I hope to take all of the posts about the twins and have them made into a keepsake book. I couldn't pass this one up.


Anonymous said...

oh, abbykins peaches, i love you to death. YOU are MY little baby. i will always love you. forever and ever and to the moon and back. and more. lots, lots more.

love ya like a baby rock.
Mumsy Woo

Jessica said...

It is so fun to see how excited your mom is about these babies. The payoff is that with twins an extra pair of cuddling Grammy arms will always be welcome.

Eliot Bowman said...

Welcomed and appreciated :)


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