Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Babies Have Legs and Feet! (But what else?)

Pictures of me at 16 weeks.

I will 17 weeks along tomorrow and today was our second ultrasound. Dr. Mellilo said that everything is looking good and we're right on track. (Thanks Clomid!) That's always a great relief to hear. I feel that with twins everything is so uncertain. We got a couple more ultrasound photos I'd like to share. As you can see by the title of this post and the pictures, legs and feet are there and looking normal. Thank goodness!! :)

There's a footsie! How cute!

And I am told there is a leg there somewhere.
I guess I see it, but it's a little strange looking.

Baby A (on the bottom) has moved into a terribly uncomfortable position for Mom. This baby is laying right where my right leg meets my pelvis, and let me tell you...standing up is PAINFUL! Also, Baby B is laying horizontally across my belly and ever so kindly kicking Baby A in the head. It's already begun! Baby B had no qualms about this either as we saw on the ultrasound screen. So anyway, all of that means that I am definitely starting to feel some of the pains of pregnancy. The morning sickness is gone though, but I still deal with heart burn and tiredness. Neither of these are going to get better, but that's quite alright.

I asked Mellilo about the check-up schedule and I will go in every 2 weeks with an ultrasound every other time I go. Or every 4 weeks. I have a level II ultrasound at Riverside Hospital scheduled for 2:00pm on August 29th and then we will go from there.

I am especially excited for this ultrasound because we will most likely have the sexes confirmed. That's right, confirmed. Which means he told us today what he thinks we're having. He said, "I am 90% sure that one is a girl. And I'm 70% sure they both are." It's looking like two girls! (There would be an exclamation point at the end of that sentence regardless of what preceeds it, by the way.) But, don't go out and buy pink everything! It's still a little early to be sure. We'll let you know in a couple weeks.

And also, don't go out buying all pink things because, though pink is one of my favorite colors, the rainbow is a wonderful thing. I'm going to take a moment to expound upon my thinking here. Just so it's recorded for the future. Pink and blue are great, but so are red, purple, green, brown, yellow, etc. And there are totally cute girlie things that contain blue. It's okay. Color variety is good. matchy-matchy please. These babies are their own people. Fraternal or identical (which we can't know for 100% sure until they are born, but most likely fraternal), they are still different people. And I want to treat them as such. Will they get matching outfits? I'm sure they will. Will they be called "The Twins"? I'm sure they will. In fact, I'll probably do it here and there. Will I have a stroke if these things happen? Absolutely not. But let's try to keep it as individual as possible. Thank you.

Having said that, I am now going to look for pink things online. :) Like I said, I like pink.


Anonymous said...

heaven, i'm in heaven!!!!!!!!


katzbox said...

Oh my, I just referred to the children as "the twins" on your mom's blog...well, now I know....I shall refer to them as either, "the girls" or "the children" or "the angels" or some such verbage....and you look beautiful and they sound wonderful and when Eli told me about baby B kicking his/her sister in the head, I just laughed out loud and have told everyone here about touching the way he told it....and THE FOOT.....I SAW MY GRANDBABY'S FOOT!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Ah! What a cute little foot and leg! You can see the little bones! You're preaching to the choir on the pink thing, sister. Oy. I keep thinking that if there's some big mix-up w/ our ultrasounds, we'll have a little transvestite boy baby! You're right. There are PLENTY of cute non-pink girl clothes (and I love pink too). Are you feeling any pokes yet??? That's the best part!

Jessica said...

Wow, two little girls to dress in matching dresses at church. How fun.
That is the fun part about twins, the hard part, well, everything else.

Nic and Abbey said...

How exciting! Being a little biased myself, girls are pretty fun. :) Plus, I have a big box of stuff for you and Liz to fight over, and it's mostly girl stuff.


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