Saturday, June 7, 2008

Week 7?

My first doctors visit is next Thursday. (June 12th.) So I can't officially say that I am 7 weeks along, but that's my best calculation. Thus far, I've been doing really well in all areas, but last night Eli and I were reading from my week-by-week pregnancy book. As I was reading about all of the things that are happening with the baby (eye pigmentation, nostrils appearing, differentiation of the arm buds into hand and shoulder segments) I had my first "freak-out moment." That sounds more like a human to me than in previous weeks. My "freak-out moment" really was for just a moment and it wasn't as severe as I am making it sound, but I definitely think some of the surreal feelings are dissipating and being replaced with the understanding that this is really going to happen. And I must admit, I had a frightening moment where I realized that this baby actually has to be BORN. I have always struggled with the hospital part of all this. I am NOT the mom who entertains, for even a second, the thought of not having drugs. "I'm here...when do I get the epidural?" Those will be my first words when I enter the hospital. But I am well aware that this has been happening to women everywhere for quite some time now. :) So no use worrying.

Mom and I went shopping today at Easton to look at baby things. She bought us a cute little fleece sweater that could be worn by a boy or girl, and family tree picture frame from Pottery Barn Kids. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to fill it with pictures of our family.


katzbox said...

Oh, your journey is already sounding like fun. I remember the surreal aspects of my first pregnancy. Tho my circumstances were quite different, I remember the exilihration and awe that would overwhelm me and the sheer joy and magic of motherhood. I realize now that I was fulfilling the full measure of my creation. All I had at that time were my raw instincts and God-given attributes that go with motherhood...enjoy your journey honey.

Abbey said...

I've had my eye on that picture frame for will look so cute in the Hidey Hole! Just wait for the first ultrasound...I was a little shocked that there was actually a person inside of me!

Brian said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear how your appointment goes! Wait until you feel that little one thumping around in there in a few weeks! It only becomes more real each day and more miraculous, too. ;)



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