Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Keep Going, and Going, and Going...

Well, the holiday season is in full swing. Today, I worked an 11 hour day because we had a family holiday party after work. On Saturday, I have another work party and a neighbor's party to go to. I have been invited to two more next week, but we'll see if I can make them. And of course, I'm finishing up those Christmas gifts, and baking cookies, and sending out Christmas cards (I hope), and shopping for the Christmas dinner I will be preparing. I think my Christmas break needs to start tomorrow instead of next Friday! :) We don't even have children yet, but I am beginning to appreciate what a sacrifice and labor of love the Christmas season is. Thanks Mom and Dad!

(Eli, honey, could you put up those Christmas lights?)

1 comment:

katzbox said...

I needed to take a nap after reading your post...whew...I'm beginning to think Christmas is for the young...Yikes.

Eli, honey, for heaven's sake, please put up those lights for the Abbot...her hands are full!!!


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