Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Poem

Originally a Facebook post that I wanted to include on our blog as well...

Today (January 30) we went for lunch as a family. We arrived and were seated near an elderly gentleman. We got our food, and as we typically do, we said a small prayer (it was Jack's turn to say it), and we blessed our meal and began to eat. During our meal, the man next to us made some small talk here and there, and asked me where we attended church. When we were done, I took Wendy to the bathroom, and as we walked away, Jack was by the man asking him about the small notepad he was writing on.
I found out later what was on that paper, as Eli asked if he could take a picture of it and then deciphered what turned out to be a poem, written by a gentleman who had watched as our family prayed over our lunch. This is what he wrote:
Tis a joy in the heart of those that believe,
To see children bowing their heads;
Thanking God for the food they eat,
Knowing by the Spirit, they will be fed!
It's to the Glory of God, these children are taught
To follow the way of The Lord;
They will be blessed throughout their lives,
And at the end, they will reap everlasting reward!
~Author known...even if we do not have his name

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