Sunday, September 1, 2013

Charlie and Olivia's First Day of School!!!!

Well. It's happened. The twins have had their first day of school. I remember thinking of this day when Charlie and Liv were first born.  It seemed so very far away, and I remember thinking that once we reached that point, my "babies" would be gone.

Last week, on Wednesday August 21, Charlie and Liv entered full day Pre-Kindergarten at A.G. Bell (located in Huy Elementary.) It is a preschool for hearing impaired children, and the twins are the peer models for each of their classes. Which means that, yes, they are in separate classes. I was worried about how Charlie would do with this, as he is far less social than Liv. But he seems to be handling it well.

Liv's teacher is Mrs. Camerucci, and Charlie has Miss Tricia. She is a "permanent substituted" until a full-time replacement can be found. The great part about her is that she also taught my nephew Jalen when he attended A.G. Bell 6 years ago. When Charlie found this out, he could not have been more excited!

So far, we've had the typical issues to deal with. Cranky kids in the afternoon, and an adjustment to the new schedule for me and the triplets as well. Oh. And I found out on Friday that Charlie is being chased at recess by a couple "girls who are mean" to him...and his very own sister...Olivia. That's right. Liv has joined forces with two other girls to play a "fighting chase game," with Charlie as the target. Nice. So we've had THAT conversation already.

But other than that, things are going very well. And my kiddos already seem smarter and older. :)

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desertdeb said...

Wow! Livvy was pretty on target when I called the night before and she said her teacher's name was Mrs. Camamuchacharuchi. They sound wonderful and happy and normal and all things perfect. Well done, Mom. As always. xoxo


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