Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charlie's Facts in Five

1. He calls me "honey" and "sweetie." ALL. THE. TIME.

2. He has thrown SO many less temper tantrums since turning 4. Halleluia!! Seriously, he has done a 180. And Eli and I are breathing a sigh of relief. :)

3. He is really into creating things both 2D and 3D. He has started drawing people and including body parts. He also builds with Legos and other materials.

4. His imagination is running wild! He tells some of the craziest stories. They're fascinating.

5. Suddenly, he has a desire to help me with the laundry. He wants to help put the clothes in the washer, transfer them to the dryer, and fold. If only he could actually do the folding...I'd have no problem giving that chore to him! :)

*6. I'm gonna go ahead and say it. We shouldn't have cut off all of his hair. :(

1 comment:

desertdeb said...

So as he's maturing and gaining in verbal skills (or whatever is doing it), he's having fewer tantrums. He must be happier as well. His mind is beautiful. So is his face, spirit, lips, eyes, hair (which grows back), voice, laugh, nose, and only everything .... xoxo


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