Sunday, December 30, 2012

January Menu

Things are still going well with the menu planning. Bumming out about not being able to freeze my veggies though. That made December a lot trickier...but doable.

We loved so many recipes this month! The best were the corndog muffins (I suggest using a cornbread mix that is sweeter than Jiffy,) Honey Sesame Chicken, Red Beans and Rice, the brussel sprouts, the Hawaiian Roll sandwiches, and the Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas. And Monkey Bread is always a tasty treat!

Sadly, I have a few I would NOT recommend as well. The Cashew Chicken was alright, but not worth all the prep work for a crock pot dish. At least in my opinion. Eli loved it. As for most of the Christmas recipes, they were good, but nothing to write home about. My house smelled better than the food tasted. The ham got a rave review on Pinterest, but none of us cared for it. I wouldn't recommend it. 

Also want to share this little gem with you. I discovered it at Kroger last month, and it's SO easy, and SO delicious! Not super healthy, but who cares?! It makes a wonderful side dish for Mexican or down-home style meals.

I'm excited about January's menu. It's almost entirely new recipes! Also, as I begin putting favorite meals into the rotation, I am realizing that my grocery list is getting shorter...which means we're spending less money! Woohoo! I already have the herbs, spices, and foods with a longer shelf-life. This makes sense, but I still wasn't expecting it. But I'm not complainin'! So here's this month's line up. 

1. Buffalo Chicken Pasta - this is more of a summer meal, but SO YUMMY I just had to add it to the menu this month. :)
7. Breakfast Muffins w/bacon
8. Baked Potato Bar - this is a recipe for a great baked potato. You choose your own toppings.
20. Chili (CP) - this is where the ChiChi's Sweet Corn Cake comes in handy!
22. Italian Chicken (CP) - my friend tried this, though not in the crock pot. She said that 1 packet of Italian dressing was too much, & the sauce was VERY thick. So make adjustments as necessary, using less dressing or more milk as needed.
23. Butternut Squash Ravioli in a brown butter, sage sauce

One final note. I linked the recipes to the actual website instead of my Pinterest pins this time. It occurred to me that anyone who isn't on Pinterest might not be able to gain access to the recipes. So feel free to pin them yourself, or follow me on Pinterest. Enjoy!

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Amy Taylor said...

I've made #9 Italian Layer Bake and it was a success! I don't like red peppers, so I layered banana peppers instead and it turned out great. The only catch was getting the lower layer of the crescent rolls to bake. I still had some spots that were doughy.


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