Thursday, November 1, 2012

Olivia's Facts in Five

1. Olivia is a social butterfly. She has friends everywhere she goes.

2. She is all princess all the time. Apparently, she has been designated as Sleeping Beauty in her group of girlfriends at her baby-sitter's. She wants to be a princess for Halloween, and when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said a princess dress. I'd just purchased her a new one for Halloween a week earlier. Sometimes she refers to me as "Queen." I'm good with that.

3. Gymnastics is turning out to be perfect for her. She has such a great time at her classes and she does so well. This Thursday she will start a new class for children ages 4-6. Hopefully she'll like this class just as well.

4. Liv is fearless and adventuresome. She's up for anything, and she knows she can do it. Such great qualities!

5. I don't know why this surprises me, but it does. Liv has turned into a mothering kind of big sister. She plays with the babies and laughs with them. She gets excited when they do new things. She lets me know when they need a diaper change, and she'll help me out when I need her to grab an item for me. It's so heartwarming to see her interact with her siblings. She's just such a loving little girl.

1 comment:

desertdeb said...

Perfection. I love it that she's turning into a mama-bear. How wonderful is that? I don't know why I didn't connect her to a sisterly kind of interaction with the trips...I always just thought of her as Charlie's and vice-versa. This warms my heart. I love you all. See ya in January! AND JUNE!!


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