Monday, November 5, 2012

Charlie's Facts in Five

1. He is obsessed with wheels. When it was warmer, he would sit in his Cozy Coupe and watch the wheels turn as he moved it. He wants to "watch the wheels go" when a car pulls out of our driveway. He can't get enough of bikes. When he wants some time alone, you will find him in his room playing with his trains. He's just a wheel kind of guy. :)

2. Tee Ball is officially over, and it was half a success. Charlie really enjoyed running drills, but only ever played one game, even though the second half of every practice was a game. So I guess we'll have to see where to go from here.

3. Jumanji is now on Netflix. We watch it every. single. day.

4. The babies have become more exciting for him. He's beginning to play with them, but he hasn't quite perfected the technique of playing gently. It's a bit of an issue, but he's trying. Gotta love that.

5.  Charlie's favorite thing to say right now is, "Mommy, I love you." He says it randomly throughout the day. I love that he has started doing this. Eli and I have always done this, tell each other or tell the kids, that we love them for "no reason." It makes me smile. :)


nancy said...

and you're what love is all about, charlie brown.

desertdeb said...

He's kinda deep, and perfect. xoxo


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