Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jack, Luke, and Wendy's 1 Year Letters!!

Dear Jackie,

Your blond hair is getting longer, and it's beginning to curl right above your ears. So cute! During these past three months you have been packing in the food, and it shows. You have some amazingly adorable chub, and your cheekies are just so kissable. You gained 3 lbs from 9 - 10 months, and have continued to gain since then. There are 4 teeth in your little mouth, two bottom middle teeth, and two, what I like to call, "vampire teeth." It makes for a funny smile, but I  just love it! One more is about to pop through on top, but it's got another day or two.

This year has had a few challenges for you. The first of which has been your sleeping habits. I will gladly admit that it could have been MUCH worse, but sleeping did not come as easily for you as for your siblings. From 4 months on, it felt as though Daddy and I were in a constant battle to get you to take decent naps and not wake up at the crack of dawn. We finally gave in a couple weeks ago and pushed back bedtime a good hour or so. We did this for a week in the hopes that your body would become accustomed to waking up sometime after 7:00am, and that once we went back to our original  bed time, you would continue to sleep longer. You were tired and miserable but, fingers crossed, it seems like it might have worked! Sadly, your siblings have decided to take up where you left off. Let's just hope that's temporary. :)

For the past two months we have been dealing with a "new normal" for you. You had bronchiolitis at the beginning of July, and you are now the proud owner of an albuterol inhaler. We used it every 4 hours (with the exception of most nights) for almost two full months. We haven't had to use it in about a week, and I am so happy that you are getting a break from the breathing difficulties. For the next few years we will probably be in and out of urgent care to get breathing treatments. Once you get bronchiolitis as an infant, you are susceptible for a few years. So you are often wheezy and have a cough. This has made for quite a few scary moments and a couple Urgent Care visits.

As for physical developments, you are moving at your own pace. You will not be rushed...and I'm not trying! A few weeks ago you started walking with a push a toy, and you have stood on your own for a moment or two, but you are just content to sit and watch the world.

It is evident that you are an observer. And a contemplative one at that. When you are presented with a new person, you are not nervous or scared, but you will stare at them with a very serious expression and simply watch all that they do. Once you deem them worthy of your social interaction, you are quick to give them smiles and giggles. You also like to wave at people! In this way, you are much like me. Sit back and take it all in. Not such a bad way to be really. :)

One neat thing about you is that you have a favorite toys. The first was, one of those wooden stacking toys with the rings that are all different colors. You adore it. You will get a ring in each hand and just carry them around the house. It's sweet. :) Watching you play makes me smile. The other day I saw you pushing one of Charlie's trucks (a police SUV) down the hallway. You looked so big! And now that seems to be the new favorite.You are also enjoying the make-shift "ball pit" I made out of a swimming pool and small balls. When I sit you in there, you just laugh and wave your hands in the air.

Of all my babies, you are the snuggler. You need the physical attention more than anyone. When you wake up from a nap, you curl into a little ball in my arms and lay your head on my shoulder. I think, if I let you, you would stay like that forever. Sometimes...I want to let you.

We have a different and special relationship, Jackie. It's not that I have a favorite child. I want to make that very clear, because I have so much love for all of you. But I really think it has everything to do with you being such a great nurser. From day one you have craved that close time, and it has built a special bond between us. I didn't expect this, but I'm sad to stop nursing. I will miss it. That is such a special time, and I am sad to see it go.

Jackie, you are a blessing. Your sweet, tender spirit brings me joy. I know that you will be a wonderful friend and sibling as you grow up. You add a different dynamic to our family unit, and I cherish that. I love you so very much. Happy Birthday, Jackie!


Dear Lukie,

You are the only one of our children who has made it past the first year with only ONE nickname! For a family that is always calling each other something different, this is truly a feat. But...I love Lukie! :)

Your growth seems to have evened out a little bit lately. While Jack has caught up with you in teh weight department, you are still the tallest. You now have 7 teeth, but it's been a while since a new one has popped through. You are such a beautiful baby. You have the most amazing curls on your head, and as the summer has gone on, they have turned a gorgeous honey color. There still isn't a bit of chub on you. You are simply lean and muscular. This is likely due to the fact that you don't eat a whole lot, and you are always moving.

You are so strong and physically adept. I know I've said this before...many times, but it's just TRUE. I see you using a bear crawl a lot more lately, and you started walking with a push toy at 11 months. Then, 2 weeks before your birthday you started standing up on your own. I took you to Target one day and when I turned back to the cart after grabbing the item I needed, you were standing up in your seat! And you were belted in! THEN. About a week ago, Charlie and Liv made a little setup with the small table and chairs in the playroom. Somehow you managed to climb up onto the table and when I turned around you were standing there like you owned the place! You stand so well now, and a couple times you have even taken a step. I'm thinkin' you are going to give your Daddy and I a run for our money. :)

Though you are always on the go, you have a couple calm, snuggle routines. Daddy is typically the one who fed you your bottles in the morning and before bed. After you had eaten, Daddy would lay you with your back on his stomach. However uncomfortable this looked, you seemed to really enjoy it. You are were content lying there for a minute or two before heading to bed. The second routine occurs as I'm putting you to bed, or down for a nap. You've never taken a pacifier, so this seems to have become your soothing "thing" before sleep. You lay your head on my left shoulder, with your face facing outward, and you wrap your arms around me while we sway back and forth. I love those few minutes with you. It's the only time I get to snuggle with you because you are so independent. I have a feeling this isn't going to last too much longer, so I am relishing every moment of snuggle I can! You have also started chewing on the edge of your blanket, or your snuggly toy, as you fall asleep. I never thought I'd see the day when you would put something that wasn't food in your mouth. :)

I am enjoying every moment of watching your personality develop. If you want something, you go for it. But you are generally happy with what you have. While your body is strong and often overflowing with energy; your spirit is calm, sensitive, generally patient, and loving. You have a wonderful laugh that I can't get enough of. Really, it's so great! And you are so. much. fun! You are very social and outgoing, and everyone enjoys you.

We need you in this family Lukie, and I am so glad that you are here. Thank you for adding your beautiful spirit to our home. I am looking forward to watching you grow and learn. We will try our best to meet your needs and teach you the Gospel. For that is the most important thing we can give you. Your Daddy and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday, Lukie!


Dear Wendy Jane,

I think that you have earned the most nick names of our children with the exception of Livy. We call you Wendy Jane, Janie, Wendy Lady, Wen, Wendy Lu, and Pretty Lady.

All of these are feminine and dainty, which is exactly what you are. Dainty. You are just beginning to wear 9-12 month clothes, but that is only because you just went through a major growth spurt...and you weigh as much as your brothers! (Not exactly sure why you are still in a smaller size than they are, but oh well!) What's funny is that I haven't been able to put shoes on you because your feet were too small. So I just gave up during the summer. No need to wear them anyway. However, we've had a few cooler days lately, so I got out some fall clothes, including shoes. And you've outgrown what we have! I think I'm going to need to get you a size 4, which is what your brothers wear! As for teeth, you had only two for a long time, but just the other day your top to incisors popped through, and your top two middle teeth are almost about to break through. Even with all of the pain of teething, you have still been in such a happy mood. :)

You have really been on the move lately. At 11 months you started walking with a push toy, and now you zoom around the room with it. It's really fun to watch you. You can stand on your own for a good while, but you like to move around so you still crawl most of the time. You have, however, taken a few steps without assistance! It's happened a couple times, so I know walking is just around the corner.

I love to listen to you talk. Your babbles are so cute! And you can really hear the different tones and inflections that you are using now. Though the words are unintelligible, it is clear when you are having a conversation with someone, and that you know exactly what you are saying.

Your personality is just so endearing. You are the happiest baby, and your smile just lights up your face. You enjoy playing with your brothers and sisters. I'll often hear giggles from the next room even if you are playing by yourself, but when your siblings are around, you just burst into laughter. It's so heartwarming. Hands down you are the most easy going of the babies, and possibly all of the children. While your brothers scream away in their cribs, you stand happily by wondering what they could possibly have to complain about. When you cry, we know you definitely have a need.

Wendy, you are amazing. There is something about you. You are strong. You are a fighter, but a loving one. You are so patient. You are happy and joyful, and it is infectious. You reach people, and they just love you. This trait is so much like your Daddy's, and I am overjoyed that you have it. It will serve you so well in this life.

What a special daughter of God you are. And how blessed is our family that He has seen fit to bring you to us. It is my hope that we can, as your parents and siblings, create a home life that will give you a firm foundation in the Gospel, so that these special gifts you have can be developed even more. I love you dearly, Wendy Jane. Happy Birthday!


To all of you:

What a year this has been! It has truly flown by in the blink of an eye. When I think back to those first few days of your life, while it was just the 4 of us in the hospital (because Daddy was sick), I can't fathom how we have ended up here...with three exuberant, busy little babies. Those 3 days of solitude will always be something I cherish. That was our time, guys. Our little slice of this life when we were able to bond and get to know each other...and fall in love... in a calm, quiet setting. Most likely, that will not happen again! :) But that's the way it's supposed to be for us. Our family is loud, and crazy, and often chaotic. But hopefully we are also over-flowing with love for each other.

I will miss having "littles" around the house. That first year of life is my favorite as a Mom. But as I feel the tugging at my heart strings over your growth, I also look forward to the future. I can't wait to see how your personalities change and develop. I can't wait to watch you learn, grow, succeed, and live your lives. Your Daddy and I pray for you daily that you will be healthy, happy, and know you are loved... by us, and by your Heavenly Father. As frightening as it was to find out we were having triplets, I can not imagine missing out on any of you. Our children are our greatest blessings. We are so happy to have you. We love you.


nancy said...

just lovely, abby. tears!

nancy said...

just lovely, abby. tears!

desertdeb said...

How do you type with so much water in your eyes? xoxo

Kelly said...

Love, just love.


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