Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Gammy: so, you think i look old, huh?
Olivia: yep.
Gammy: does MooMoo (other grandma) look old?
Olivia: nope.
Gammy: does TuTu (OTHER grandma) look old?
Olivia: nope.
Gammy: who else besides me looks old?
Olivia: grandpa (my 84-year old grandpa) and GG (my 84-year old grandma).
Gammy: you are so out of the will, olivia.

Charlie: oops, Gam, i spilled the milk.
Gammy: that's ok, Charlie. it was an accident.
Charlie: No it wasn't.
Eli's Aunt Duck came over to help me with the kids. 

Liv: (To Duck) I don't like your name.

Duck: Well, what would you like to call me?

Liv: MooMoo.

Duck: What will you call MooMoo when she gets here?

Liv: Aunt Duck.

Olivia is drenched and shivering on the step outside.

Eli: Olivia, are you okay?

Olivia: Yeth.

e: What are you doing?

o: I'm waiting.

e: For what?

o: For the people.
e: Why are you shivering?

o: Because I'm waiting for people to come on my boat.

e: So, are you waiting for them to just show up?

o: Yeth. 

Perhaps she was reenacting the Titanic?

Charlie and Liv have been playing around with words lately. Their favorite thing to do is switch out words in a song for other silly words...or, just switch the words of the song around.

Charlie: ABCDE F U.

Sometimes it works better than others. :/

And finally, a guest post from my Mom:

the chain - which, by the way, is a perfectly beautiful and unique one - that i wear around my neck with a crucifix on it has broken. and olivia has noticed.

she asked me last night where my cross is. i told her it broke. she made a face with an over-achieving frown and said, "oh, gam......that's so sad," and i said, "yes, livy, it's very sad."

and then she brightened up considerably and said, "well......just go get a new one! go to the store tomorrow and get a new one! make sure it's pink!"

and then a light bulb went off in my head......my rosary beads have pink swarovski crystals on them!

so, i got up off the couch and i went to my purse and i pulled out the tiny white leather pouch that holds my rosary beads. i handed the pouch to olivia and told her it was a big surprise. go ahead, livy, open it.
as she pulled the long chain of beads out of the pouch, her eyes grew bigger and bigger......."gammy! you have a pink necklace!"

well, i said, it's not exactly a necklace, liv. they're called rosary beads. and i pray with them.


i know. it's complicated. but it's not a necklace. we can't wear it like a necklace.

"then, why does it look like a necklace?"


"i wanna put it on, gam. it's pink!"

i know it's pink, liv, but it's a very special kind of "necklace." it's the kind of necklace you don't wear. they're my rosary beads.

so, as we sat there on the couch and as olivia ran the beads through her fingers, i gave her a short lesson in catholicism.

"see this right here, liv? that's Jesus, on the cross."

"Jesus loves you, gam."

"yes, He does, liv. and He loves you, too."

big smile.

"and, see this right here? that's the Virgin Mary. she's Jesus's mommy."

"she's pink!"

"yes, liv, she's pink. and these are my rosary beads."

long, deep look into my eyes.....


"yes, olivia?"

"i love your rosy beans."


nancy said...

well, i guess it goes without saying that i LOVE THIS post! :)

Amanda B. said...

These made me smile- love it! :)

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

That was really fun!! Your kids are pretty darn awesome.


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