Thursday, June 21, 2012

Charlie's Facts in Five

1. He is completely obsessed with cars and trains. When you come to our house, he wants to see your car. When you leave, he wants to "watch the wheels drive away." He lines up his cars in groups based on color and size. He wants to sleep with his cars rather than a  cuddly stuffed animal. He asked Daddy to sign over the Cozy Coupe to him. :)

 2. He wants to do EVERYTHING on his own (like buckling himself into the car)...even when he still needs some help.

3. He has been spending  a lot more time playing quietly on his own.

4. He knows almost all of the words to every song on Jason Mraz's Love is a Four Letter Word CD. His favorite song is Frank D. Fixer, which he calls "Fixy Fixer."

5. He rarely takes naps at home. *sigh*


Abbey said...

So cute. But naughty! He's far too young to outgrow naps!! :)

Eli Bowman said...

The Bear!

nancy said...

he also likes to say no, but i noticed you left that out. :)

Linda said...

America's Car Kid !!!


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