Monday, May 14, 2012

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Have you ever had the opportunity to watch a spider spin it's web? Eli and I once found a spider who had spun a large, gorgeous web in the window of our back door. We watched it spin the last several threads. It really was amazing.

Well today, I got into the shower and began washing my hair. I happened to look up and I saw the tinniest spider just beginning to spin her web. (I'm pretty sure it was a girl :) ). Now, I am all for insects in the outdoors, but come into my house, and you'd better beware! So there I was, soaking wet with soap in my hair and I had a choice to make. Dispose of this spider now, or later? It was pretty clear that she was very involved in her spinning, so I decided that the likelihood of her leaving that job to attack me was pretty low. So I continued my shower and settled in for the show.

As I watched this little spider spin her web, something strange began to happen. Here I was contemplating her demise while she worked tirelessly to ensure that she would have food enough to survive! Indeed, I was actually beginning to feel for this tiny creature. How could I, in good conscience, enjoy all the work she was doing and then end her life? I was almost done with my shower by this point, so I had a decision to make. And I was pretty sure I couldn't go through with a burial at sea. And that's when it happened.

Through a miniscule hole in the corner of my shower, emerged this little spider's friend. (I'm pretty sure that one was a guy). He then began to spin his own web. It was at this moment that it all became clear...

I was outnumbered.

Let's just say, no spiders were climbing back UP the water spout today.


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