Friday, December 9, 2011

Twins' 3rd Birthday Party

We had the twins' birthday party a little earlier than usual this year because we chose to go on location for the event rather than have everyone over to our house. So we picked a place called The Little Gym at Polaris and it turned out to be a wonderful idea. We invited a few of Charlie and Liv's friends, picked up the cake and ice cream and just had to show up. Everyone had a fun time playing on all of the gymnastics equipment, but the highlight for everyone was when they inflated the jumper. The kids bounced and bounced and bounced. After that we had some cake and opened a few gifts. The best part for me was not having to worry about the clean up. We just packed up the gifts, hopped in the car and headed home with a couple very worn out kids. I think they had a fantastic time! What a great celebration!

1 comment:

Amanda B. said...

My girls had a blast and talked about it afterward a lot!!! :)


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