Friday, November 11, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Eli told the kids they were cute and Charlie says "You think WE'RE about YOU'RE cute!" Then Liv said "Very VERY cute!"
It was raining hard.

Liv: It is very, very raining.
Mom took the twins to an indoor playground today. suddenly, Olivia looked at her with displeasure and said, "gammy? what are YOU doing here?" and mom said, "what do you mean what am i doing here? i brought you and charlie!" and she said, "well, thank you. but sit down." (i thought being embarrassed by your parents/grandparents didn't start till they were teenagers!)
Eli bought Charlie a night-light that projects an image of the solar system on the ceiling. Suddenly, Charlie says, "That's the Sun and that's the center of the Earth." Eli and I looked at each other, knowing that neither of us have talked with him about these things. Eli held Charlie up to the image and he correctly identified the Sun and the Earth. Hmmmm.
Charlie was having a difficult time going to sleep. Eli went in to his room to help him and Charlie said, "I just want to slow my body down." So self-aware!
Charlie wanted some ketchup for his meatloaf at dinner. As I was squirting the ketchup he said, "Thaaaaaat's right Mommy. Thaaat's right!"
mom said to charlie, "charlie, you're 2," and charlie said, "i don't wanna be 2," and mom said, "well, you're 2," and he said, "I DON'T WANNA BE 2!," and mom said, "well, what DO you wanna be," and he said, "i wanna be a pumpkin for halloween!"

We bought Charlie a firefighter hat because he's been enjoying the sh
ow Fireman Sam. He put it on and said, "Come on Livy! Let's go firetruckin'!"


nancy said...

not to mention the time that olivia told moo moo that moo moo needs to "think big." as if moo moo needs encouragement to think bigger than she already does. oy vey.

Emmy said...


desertdeb said...

Awwww....I very very miss them....

* "Let's go firetruckin'" may become our new phrase for roadtripping. Seriously. That's is good.

*Also, it's "nog sauce" season.

stacey erin said...

Oh my goodness. How smart those two are. And sweet and kind and adorable. And BIG! I can't believe they turn THREE next month!


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