Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adventures at the Polaris Mall

Yesterday Jack, Luke, and Wendy turned 2 weeks old. They're ancient, I know. :) Eli and I decided to meet up with MooMoo, Aunt Duck, and Grandma Wendy at the play place in Polaris Mall. We grabbed a bite to eat at the food court and then headed down to the climbing area to let Charlie and Liv have some fun. It turned out to be quite eventful.

First, we met another set of triplets and four other sets of twins! It must have been multiples day at the mall. :) Everyone came over to introduce themselves and see the babies. They were quite the spectacle. After visiting with these families, I got involved in feeding a changing the babies. It was at this point that Eli asks me if I've seen Liv. Um. No. I hadn't. And neither had anyone else!

I have come to learn something about myself. When things get stressful and scary, I am at my best. My heart was pounding as I ran around trying to find my little girl, but I never lost my cool. Eli went one way, MooMoo went another, and I totally disregarded doctor's orders and ran my little rear end up the stairs and all the way to the information desk to find a security guard. All the while I prayed and prayed that we would find Olivia safe and sound. When the security guard finally arrived, he informed me that Olivia had been found...hiding in the storage area underneath the triplet stroller...drinking Eli's Coke. Sigh. Even with a one to one ratio, the girl outsmarted us. And got a nice caffeine buzz in the process. And we all got the scare of our lives. I think this officially makes me a mom. :/ But. We got some cute pictures!

MooMoo pretty much attached herself to Livy after we found her.
Thanks MooMoo!


Valerie said...

Sounds like something Vivi would do :) We gotta get those girls together sometime!

The Katzbox said...

That's interesting. I was returning with security guards myself when I was waved down that everything was all right. That girl is uncanny when it comes to finding pop and drinking it unawares. She gets me almost everytime I bring some over. If the theatre doesn't get her, the CIA will.

nancy said...

buy 5 cages. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Kelly said...

She is a stinker!! Love that about her- and such a smartie! Love that it was multiples day- the last time I was there a few weeks ago, there were a couple sets too! Funny!

Emmy said...

There were lots of multiples because those are the moms that say, "I have to get out!" To the mall we go! :)
We found Mae once, hiding in a corner, drinking "moo moo juice" (Mountain Dew). That was a looooong night! Glad you found her. There's nothing scarier in the WORLD than that.


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