Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 107 (I Will Teach You)

Having a lot of time sitting in my hospital bed, I have enjoyed looking back through our blog and seeing how our lives have changed in the past few years. As I was searching through the posts, I came across this poem that Eli had written before the twins were born. He never posted it. Not sure why. But with his permission, I am posting it now. This shows exactly who he is as a father, and just how much he loves his children, and the ones that will be arriving shortly. Our family is blessed to have him.

I Will Teach You

I cannot teach you how to invest
how to sew
or how to dress.
I cannot teach you racquetball
i cannot teach you
much at all.
But this I can and will teach you
to say your prayers
like your mother and I do.
I'll teach you how to find the best
in everyone
and forget the rest.
I promise you'll learn how to read
the books of God
and how to lead.
I'll teach you to think of virtuous things
and care not for
the temporal things.
I'll share with you the love of Christ
and a hundred kisses
where one would have sufficed.
But most of all I'll live for you
and die for you
if I had to.
And when I'm old and have become forgetful
remember this
that I was grateful.
To be your Dad, pillow, and friend
now remember all
you were taught, til' the end.


PS. I just noticed the date Eli wrote this. It was exactly 3 years ago today. How appropriate!


The Katzbox said...

This is perfection. Total and pure perfection. Your family is a beautiful microcosm of the eternal family unit. This is just a dress rehearsal. Does everyone have their lines? Pick up your clothing at the temple! Cue the hymns...and ENTER!

nancy said...

kleenex. (and this time, not for the stock value, which has no doubt plunged. no, not for that. for tears. plain, old-fashioned tears that a person cries when that person's son-in-law writes a poemt to that person's grandchildren that makes all the stock exchanges in the universe null and void and utterly without meaning.)

Kelly said...


Jessica said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing.

Breezi@ Not Your Average Fairytale said...

What a sweet little poem. You've got a gem there. :)

Your belly certainly popped! You look adorable! Congrats on making it to week 32 :) Maybe you can go another 8? hahaha.... :D

Autumn said...

Awesome!! What a great daddy.


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