Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 84

84 days in the hospital and 42 days of bed rest at home. It's actually hard to believe that I've been here that long. It's also hard to believe that I ever did bed rest at home! Time is so strange.

Since I've been in the hospital, Charlie and Olivia have gotten even better at talking, they are doing so many big kid things, and they are really, truly playing together. Thank goodness for modern technology that allows me little glimpses of their development. Pictures, videos, and Skype are my best friends right now. :)

Today, Eli took the twins to their first movie at a movie theater! They went to see Winnie the Pooh at Easton.

I guess they only saw about 11 minutes of it before the kids were done and they had to leave. As much as they love to watch movies at home, the big screen just didn't thrill them. They preferred to watch the fountain and walk around.

You know what? I will TOTALLY take that. Two year olds who'd rather explore the world than watch a movie? Yes please! But it's still a big "first" in this world of technology, so it's worth documenting.

Also in recent events, the front of our house now looks like this...

Thanks to the lightning bolt that has now provided us enough firewood for the winter. The Lord was watching over my family that day. Eli had happened to take them for a little drive last Sunday and when they got home he found our tree in our driveway. If he had just stayed home, that tree would have fallen on our van; quite possibly with the family in it. Now we just have a little clean up to do. And by "we" I mean Eli. (Thanks hon!) The large branch also didn't make contact with any part of our house. Another major blessing.

I also want to make sure I mention that Eli took the kids to Young's Dairy Farm a couple weeks ago. We had family in town from Tennessee, so they took the quick trip out there to visit with their cousins, have some ice cream and enjoy some of the fun things Young's has to offer.

These kids have been so busy!


nancy said...

these kids are lucky, you know that? lucky, lucky, lucky. :)

Valerie said...

Take the kids to the dollar theater! Nobody cares if they run around or are a little noisy, and you don't care if they miss half of it because you only spent 75 cents (if it's on a monday).

Abby said...

that's a great idea Valerie. Although, Easton was pretty great. Eli explained that this was their first movie, so they let the kids in for free. but in the future, dollar theaters are definitely the way to go! :)


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