Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bed Rest: Day 54

It's been awhile since I've blogged, but that's because I've actually been pretty busy! For sitting around all day that is. I've had a lot of visitors, which I absolutely love! Charlie and Liv are always the highlights of my week. Being on this side of town also means that I am closer to friends and family I don't usually see as much. When my door opens and I see a friendly face I haven't seen in a while, it just makes my day. When they have real food in tow, it makes my week! I am SO done with hospital food. The same seven menus just rotate each week, so after that first week it gets harder to find something you want to eat. For instance, this is a picture of the hamburger here.

Gordon Ramsey would die if he had to stay in the hospital for an extended time! He'd wheel himself down to the kitchen and rip them apart. I'm sure of it. "You call this a hamburger?!" he'd yell. "It's slop! It's RAW! Get out of the kitchen!" But alas, I am not Gordon Ramsey. If I tried that, they'd move me to the Psych Unit instead of the High Risk Maternity Unit. So I'm stuck with what I've got. Time to do more in-depth research on the world of take out and delivery. :)

There isn't much news in the baby department, thank goodness. Things are pretty much staying the same. I don't think I will have another ultrasound to measure the babies for a couple more weeks, but I am hoping that they are continuing to grow as well as they have been. So far, they have been a little larger than average for my gestation which is wonderful when you are looking at delivering early. I'm feeling good and very confident that things are going to turn out well.


Eli Bowman said...

I thought the high risk maternity ward was a branch of the psychiatric ward? They seem so similar. ;)

nancy said...

i don't think that hamburger looks all that bad. i want my margherita flatbread from Bravo back. :)

stacey erin said...

Haha - Eli... (P.S. How old is Eli in that profile picture he's using?!)

I'm so happy they're big! I miss you and wish that I could be one of those friendly faces that comes through your door. Hopefully this summer before H,D&L make their big debut!

Nic and Abbey said...

1. Love the name choices. I approve.
2. Sorry about the food. I'll mail you some pizza from Ft. Wayne.
3. You look great!


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