Monday, March 21, 2011

Olivia's Facts in Five

1. Olivia LOVES her "Bunny". When she was born, she was given one of those blankie/snuggly/stuffed animal head things. I don't really know what they are called. But she loves hers. Whenever she is in the house, she's holding onto Bunny.

2. She has memorized and can perform (to the best of her physical abilities), the choreography to several of the songs from the musical "Peter Pan" with Kathy Rigby.

3. She doesn't like eating utensils. She will hold her spoon or her fork in one hand, and use her other hand to shove food in her mouth. Mealtime is a highly sensory-oriented time for her. :)

4. If you are holding Liv and go to put her down, there's only a 25% chance that she will land on her feet. She'll hold her feet in the air forever if you let her.

5. Livy is now 27 months old and has FINALLY cut all of her teeth! She's a bit of slow grower, and today I finally saw that last tooth peaking through.


nancy said...

she also is quite the little actress. somebody, quick! call mrs. hopton!

Michelle said...

I love me some Olivia!! Her hugs and cuddles at the beginning of Nursery are so stinkin sweet! She is just very precious!

Valerie said...

Lara looooooved the Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby. It's such a great one for kids!

The Katzbox said...

I loved the Peter Pan with Mary Martin and thought I could fly off of anything. ANYTHING! I also felt that way when I saw Mary Poppins. But Peter Pan was different...That's where I met Tink and saved her life.

Anyway, Liv is perfect! No weak points. That face and that smile...ahhhh...I still go there inside my head to the time I sang my song to her and she laid there in her bed and full on laughed at me...right before she said, "AGAIN!" I still smile from it.


stacey erin said...

Ugg-a-wug, ugg-a-wug, ugg-a-wug, ugg-a-wug-waaaa!


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