Thursday, February 3, 2011

Liv's Language Decoder

Liv says words in some very cute ways, but it can often be difficult to understand. It's one of those phases that we'll quickly forget, but I wanted to write down a few of her cute phrases so we can look back and remember.

fah wash = car wash
fah one = other one
fee much = very much
(as in "I Love you very much.)
Karlay = Charlie
Weeweeah = Olivia
weena = Turtleina
(her purple turtle that wears a tutu.)
wader song = elder song
(her term for "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission," a Primary song from church.)
wahya doon? = What are you doing?
cahyah = color
geen = green
poopuh =purple
boo = blue
wed = red
onge = orange
tehws = tales (Veggie Tales)
Wah Pan = Peter Pan
moovic = music
Daydoo = dreidel
(Yes, we own one. Our home teacher made it for the kids. Liv LOVES it, and likes to carry it around the house. She definitely enjoys her Jewish heritage!)
tank oo = thank you
wahpas = scriptures

She also likes to add "y" to the end of various words such as juicey, milky, sandy (when talking about sand.)

There are more, but these are the ones we hear most often. She makes me smile every day with her words. It won't last long. Soon she'll fix these little sounds and speak the words "perfectly". But for now, I am enjoying the wonderful things that she says. Gotta love the Livy girl. Fee much!


Stacey said...

"Daydoo" is my favorite! Love her to pieces. (Charlie too, of course!)

Eli Bowman said...

yeah.....fee much.

Linda said...

So very precious! This is the most beautiful picture of Livie - Can't wait to see these two in person - soon!

nancy said...

i wuv the way she says gammy. fee much.

The Katzbox said...

I feel boo when I miss her. I miss Weeweeah. I love her fee much. I miss Karlay too. I'm happy that she likes her her Daydoo fee much. Tank oo for writing this post. xoxo fee much


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