Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When the Internet Stops Working...

You have a very productive day!

I vacuumed the house with my wonderful new Dyson D24 (I'm in love).

We finally got around to our colored snowflake activity that we got ready the day of the Winter Activity Fail. If you'll recall, we made snowflake shaped ice cubes and used food coloring to color each flake. Today we filled a tub with warm water and watched them melt. It was so pretty! And the kids had a blast. The only thing that didn't go as I would have liked was that the water was too warm. The flakes melted so fast there was hardly any time to talk about what was happening. But it was still a great activity.

For lunch, I was still in a creative go-get-'em kind of mood, so I asked the kids what they wanted to eat. Charlie didn't answer, he was too interested in what was wrong with my pants. (Nothing was wrong with them by the way. They were made with a small cut at the hem. He thought they were broken.) But Liv chirped right up with "Mac, Roni, Cheese"! Usually I don't make the same thing twice in a row, and as we'd had that yesterday I decided to do a little twist on the stuff. I made Shells and Cheese and then mixed in seasoned black beans and topped it with salsa. Um...so good!

THEN. If that weren't enough, when the kids went down for nap I broke out my Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld and whipped up her Italian Meatloaf (with carrots), including the carrot puree it calls for. I worked for almost 2 hours.

Now the internet is up and running. After I post this blog, I expect my afternoon won't be nearly as exciting or productive.

But you never know! ;)


nancy said...

you amaze me, abbykins. over and over and over. i am proud of the mother that you are.

Linda said...

Oh, that looks like such a great time! I want to come over to your house to play. You guys have the "fun" Mom! xoxoxo

The Katzbox said...

I agree with you whole heartedly on the how productive one can be without the internet. If I shut that thing down, I can do so much more. The problem is that I'm on it all day because of school, so it's easy to "wander" as I "wonder"...

The pictures are beautiful and the days sounds loverly. That Seinfeld book sounds so clever. I should have used that when little Eli was still around to get him to eat veggies. What a great day. Wish I would have been there.

xoxoxo, moo moo


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