Friday, January 7, 2011

Tumble Tots!

Today I loaded up the twins in the van and took them to their very first "class." Now that they are 2 years old, there are some community classes out there that we can register for. And by "classes", I mean "class." :) Tumble Tots to be exact.

So I loaded up the troops and drove over to Tumble Tots. About 5 other kids are in their class, and this made Charlie a little nervous. As per usual with him, he hung back and refused to do any of the movements Miss Jenny was asking them to do. Liv joined right in though, and really enjoyed it. She ran, jumped, crawled, and was very impressive in her abilities to walk like a dog and jump like a frog.

After about 10 minutes, Charlie finally found the thing he loves about Tumble Tots. The preschool beam! Oh what fun to walk down the beam and...that's right...JUMP off the end! Then, the hardest thing became keeping him off the beam as other children were taking their turns on the beam.

I will say this. Tumble Tots (hopefully) will help Charlie and Liv listen to direction more. Because they MUST listen to Miss Jenny. She's not mean, and fairly appropriate, but they have to do what she asks when she asks. This is something that my lovely children struggle with. And of course they would, they've just turned 2. But Mamma would love a little listening and doing going on at home. :) So I hope this will translate to our home situation.

I think the kids ended up having a fun time, and they are excited to go back next week!


Abbey said...

I love it! We just started swim lessons. These kids are getting so big!

Linda said...

Every Mother's hope - it could happen. They are going to have a great time at Tumble Tots - thanks Mommy for taking them.

nancy said...

i can't believe they are old enough to have somebody besides us bossing them around!


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