Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cures for the Big Kid Bed Blues

1. Have Grammy put you down for a nap, and you'll sleep!

2. Have Daddy put you down for a nap, and you'll sleep!

3. Have a very loud Christmas party at nap time, and you'll sleep!

4. Stay up late and go, go, go until you are so exhausted that you pass out on your bed, and you'll sleep!

5. Repeat for a week, and you'll sleep...every time!

6. DON'T have Mommy put you down for a nap after these 5 days...because you WON'T sleep.

ps. It actually wasn't so bad. Charlie got out of bed once, but then went down without a problem. We're getting there. Baby steps. :)


nancy said...

i'm glad it's not as bad as it sounds and that you are getting there, if only by baby steps. remember, too, that on tuesday, they didn't nap well for me. well, olivia didn't. frankly, i don't think olivia ever slept AT ALL - she just learned to play quieter so that grammy would THINK she was sleeping. :)

Emmy Slusser said...

Baby steps. . literally. :)


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