Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Kid Bed Update

Olivia = good to go (for now.)

Charlie = ugh.

For the past few days, Charlie has been in his room for over two hours until he goes to sleep.. He finally falls asleep, and takes a decent nap, but not until almost 3:30. I usually put the kids down at 1:00. Today, however, it is 3:50, and the boy is still not sleeping, but he's oh-so-tired.

Suggestions? I contemplated putting him in the pack-n-play, but I think he'd like that too much. And I want this guy to use his bed. We've definitely had a few talks about it, but it's just too tempting to get out and play with all of the toys...oh wait. I removed them all. I guess the carpet is fun to look the dark. I know this won't last, but in the meantime I have a tired, cranky kiddo on my hands. Help!


Abbey said...

Ella did that for a few days, and my book suggested doing a long nap routine. We did a bath, pajamas, book, song, prayer, just like at bedtime. Worked for us. Good luck!

nancy said...

gee, i was sorta gonna suggest about the opposite of what abbey said, but if it worked for her, hey, who am i to argue?

i thought maybe your "it is what it is" philosophy could be put to use in this situation, other words, fine, he doesn't want to nap at 1:30. he'll nap at 4 instead. i mean, he still goes to bed at night at the right time,even if he's had a late nap, yes? so.....why not go with the flow?

Emmy Slusser said...

I like Abbey's idea, but usually do what Nancy suggested. . . win/win! :) Having cranky kids is so hard. . .for everyone. But, I think this is par for the course of big beds. This is so much better than how Clark learned. He was bed ridden for a week and a half, vomitting. .. and, when it was all done he was "bed trained." It was a rough way to go, but at least SOMETHING good came out of that experience. Mae pretty much stopped taking naps when we took her crib away and her bedtime got moved up and hour and a half. . .that's how I went with the flow on both kids. I still like Abbey's idea, though! The kids know bedtime routines like the back of their hands, so it really makes sense. I can't, however, imagine doing that with the third kid. Not enough time in the day with two kids in school at different hours, etc.

Eli Bowman said...

Well I like MY idea.....which is sleep....whenever, wherever, however, whatever!...SLEEP!


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