Thursday, August 19, 2010

Torch Lake 2010 (and a wedding!)

Well. I can honestly say that no Torch Lake trip has been quite like this one. I love my children dearly, but I will NEVER take multiple "terrible twos" (I can't stand that term by the way, but I haven't had enough time to think up a better alternative) on a vacation EVER again. Not happenin' folks! They decided to pull out all the stops when it comes to "disobeying" (another word I don't think accurately describes the behavior of an almost-two-year-old.) Anyway, when you are staying at a house on the lake, let's just say that it's hard to relax when you have two toddlers trying to run into the lake, go up and down the stairs to a separate area where there are no adults to watch them, and generally getting into everything they shouldn't be in. Couple that with the fact that neither of them took a nap longer than 45 minutes until Liv got sick and started throwing up two days before we went home, and our vacation was a lot harder than it would have been to just stay home.

There was a point, on Wednesday, that I broke into tears and we seriously considered going home. Thankfully (?) we didn't because the next day Livy got sick and she slept the rest of the trip. And because she was asleep, Charlie slept a lot longer as well. And it's also a lot easier to keep an eye on one toddler than it is to keep an eye one two. Therefore, Eli and I actually got a couple days rest and relaxation.

One very exciting thing did happen at the lake though. Liv went #2 on the potty. She did not think it was nearly as exciting as we did. :)

We left the lake on Saturday and drove to Lorraine, Ohio where our good friends Ryan and Karly were married. Mom drove up and met us at the hotel. She stayed with the kids while Eli and I attended the wedding. Yes, you read that right. Do I have a great mom or what?! She was a life saver. I can't imagine if we had tried to take the kids to the wedding. It would not have been a pretty sight. The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time with friends. Congratulations Ryan and Karly!

Sadly, between the craziness of Torch Lake and my camera dying at the wedding, pictures are limited this year. But here are a few to give an idea of our time.

The Gaskill Wedding
Mrs. G, Daren G., Karly G., Ryan G. and Mr. G. :)

Congratulations Ryan and Karly!

As a side note: the video below this post was done with One True Media. I will never use them again. After hours of work, I went to post it and they told me I had to pay for the captions and cropping. I don't think so. Used to be free. So it's not as great of a montage as I'd hoped.

But notice the last song. It's a bit of a theme song for the week. :)


Valerie said...

How about "exploring" instead of "disobeying". The world is so big!

Abby said...

yes Valerie, I would definitely say "exploring" rather than "disobeying". And perhaps "testing toddlers" rather than "terrible twos"? Testing things is always part of learning.

I see so many wonderful qualities in my children that are just challenging right now. These years are MY test I guess. :)


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