Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Adventures in Cake Decorating

A few nights ago, Eli came home with a surprise for me. A few beginning cake decorating supplies! I have been totally into all of the cake decorating shows and have been wanting to do a little decorating myself. So this was a pretty exciting gift! I decided to make some cupcakes and vanilla buttercream icing and test out my new supplies. I had a lot of fun, but being a novice, it was slow going. My buttercream kept melting on me because I was taking so long.

Next time I'll make some fondant and start playing around with that. My goal is to feel confident enough to make the twins' birthday cakes this year...and have them look a whole lot better than last year! :) The irony, here, is that I don't really like cake all that much! I didn't even try a single cupcake! At least I know this new hobby won't go straight to my hips. :) Here are the results of my first round of cake decorating.

Yeah...I'm pretty sure I'm the next "Cake Boss." :)


The Katzbox said...

oh my gosh!!!! They were even better tasting than they were good looking. I love it that you're doing this. LOVE IT!!!! I mean it. I tweeted a series of "tweets" from "Your 4th cupcake". It was a series of exchanges between me and yes, my 4th cupcake....those things are so good and you are SO TALENTED! But why am I surprised?


Abby said...

thank you debbie! I'm so glad you enjoyed them. 4! I could never eat 4 cupcakes even if i tried. cake and i just don't mix. 1 is more than enough. :)

Leslie said...

I'm not a huge cake person either. I would much prefer a brownie. Either way, these are seriously good. I'm gonna have you make some for Henry next year! You do the cake, I do the invites :)

Abby said...

Les, it's a deal! And you know, we could always ice the brownies. :)


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