Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crafters to the Rescue!

I've been feeling crafty lately. I want to make some cute, inexpensive things for the house. I just need some ideas, so I'm asking all of my crafty friends for ideas or places to get them. I don't blog surf, but you guys do, so point me in the right direction.



Stacey said...

abigail, check out the "design" blog list in the right hand column of my blog. they are all crafty design blogs that i love to read. definitely take a look at "making it lovely" and "design sponge" they have great DIY sections.

Leslie said...

Paint. I want to paint Henry's room so bad, but we aren't allowed unless we have a professional come in (UM NO). I especially want to do the magnetic paint... do it for me!!!

Emmy Slusser said...

Mae and I have a purse we made for Livvy when you get here! Can't wait!
I don't craft unless someone buys it all for me, sets it in front of me, tells me what to do and feeds me. It has to be a complete package. :) Good luck! Love you!

Abbey said...

Check out the sidebar links on my blog...have fun!

And I'm with Leslie...crack open a can of paint! I think it's the cheapest way to make a big impact on your house. And it's way fun!

Valerie said...

I don't have a suggestion but I'm looking for the same type of things. So be sure to post what you decide!

nancy said...

ima take the 5th on this one.

Eli Bowman said...

We can use wax lips to tie it all together.

...that would be friggin' awesome, dude.

...wax lips.

Stephanie Jette said...

Michael's is always a good start.

Don't let Em full you either she's craftier then she gives herself credit for.

As for Eli's idea...I have to agree with him. Having wax lips all over the house would be cool!!

Leslie has a excellent idea. they have a paint that is a chalkboard type. How cute would it be to actually let the kids draw on the walls. :)


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