Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daddy's Saturday Morning Conversation With The Kids

Daddy: Hey guys! Good morning!! {said with big open grin}

Charlie: Ball! Dada!! {jumping in crib}

Liv: Hiiiii, dada! Hiiii, dada! DADA! {jumping in crib also}

Daddy: It's Daddy's morning, you two...let's get some new daip daip daip's on {daddy's term for diapers}.

Charlie: Daip Daip....Ball! Ball?? Ball?? UP!!! {the last "Ball?" and "UP" said while whining and putting his arms in the air}

Liv: Ambiguity!

Daddy: C'mon know the drill...let's go, seriously..

Charlie: Dada, up!! Ball!?!? F'Ball?!?!

Daddy: {putting a clean diapered Charlie down to play with toys} Okay, Livvy, your turn, sweety! Let's go... {picks up Liv}

Liv: "hehe...whas daat?" {pointing at the window}

Daddy:..that's a window,'re seeing outside

Liv: whas daat?! {poiting to the same window, as if daddy's explanation never happened}

Daddy: .....window, honey.....outside...

Charlie: F'Ball!! Passsss??? UP!!! UP!!!!

Liv: {rocking side to side, which is her form of dancing} "milk milk milk milk milk milk???" Dada...milk milk milk milk milk milk... {now just moving her head side to side}

Daddy: Milk's coming...I promise...just let me finish with your...

Liv: {pointing to nothing on the wall} whas daat?!

Daddy: {sigh} That's nothing, dear....that's...nothing....

Charlie: nussing....nussing...OH! F'Ball?! {pointing to the football}

Liv: Ohhh wooowww!! Milk?! Whoaaa!!

Charlie: {throwing the football into the closet door, making a big sound and breaking off the handle} Uh Oh!!

Liv: Oh noooo!!

Daddy: ....oy....


nancy said...

well, better than saying, um, well, you know. :)

Stacey said...

love it! such chatterboxes!

Emmy Slusser said...

hahah!!! Nothing like hitting the ground running the morning, eh!? Such a great dad. . . love it!

The Katzbox said...

I'm visualizing this and LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING....

All four kids used to share a I'm really getting a visual....

Thanks for posting this. PRICELESS!!!


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