Monday, May 10, 2010

My Second Mother's Day

Let's be honest here. Last year's Mother's Day, though it was the first one on which I was actually a mother, stunk. My Dad wasn't there to see it, in fact, we had just celebrated his first birthday since his death. And only two days before that my father-in-law had passed away, so we were all in the midst of grieving and planning a funeral. Needless to say, even if the day had been celebrated to my liking, it didn't stand a chance of being a happy Mother's Day.

*Sidebar here. Mother's Day is definitely over. I'm typing this at the kitchen table and I feel Charlie's hand on my leg. I reach down to rub his head. My hand comes away wet. I look down. Charlie has spit up in a tray he was playing with and then subsequently rubbed his head in it. Nice. So his hair is washed, which he did not like, and the tray is cleaned out. Ah...livin' the life! :)

But as I was saying. Last Mother's Day just didn't stand a chance. This year was a different story all together. Those I loved remembered it was Mother's Day, for one thing. Good way to start out the day. :) We went to church in the morning, and though I still didn't get much out of sacrament meeting, Eli at least took the kids off by himself for about five minutes so I could sit in the hall and hear a bit of one of the speakers. As usual, I took the kids home after sacrament meeting and we waited for Eli to come home. The kids didn't cry or act crazy. We turned on BYU tv and just enjoyed each other.

When Eli came home, he and the kids presented me with my gifts. Livy walked out with my card from the kids. So cute! Charlie followed her, but grudgingly, and handed me a children's book (something I love btw) called The Happiest Mommy Ever. I read this to them soon after and barely made it through. Tears everywhere!

Then Liv brought me my second gift, which was a DVD about Emma Smith. I love Emma Smith and I find her so fascinating. For those who don't know, Emma was the wife of Joseph Smith who was the first president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She suffered so much pain, persecution and sorrow in her life, but she was such an amazing lady. The movie was quite interesting.

Finally, Eli brought out my final gift. A picture of the Savior that I have been wanting for at least 4 years. Maybe 5. It now has a prominent place in our living room over a rocking chair. I love this because I think it looks like He always has a place here in our home...which he does.

I finished a book and took a nap that afternoon, and then we went to Mom's for dinner with my grandparents. It was a lovely, moving, emotional day for me. It was perfect. I am so grateful for my children. They have given me so much and taught me so much. I know. Cliche. But it's true. And they're mine. I am also thankful for a husband who recognizes that the job I do every day is hard work. And he thanks me almost every day. I know how much he appreciates me and values what I can do for our children and our family. And of course, it goes without saying, that I am thankful for my own mother. Who taught me how to navigate the world of Motherhood. Thank you Mom. There is only one way to describe this crazy, hectic, exhausting, emotionally taxing life I lead...blessed.


The Katzbox said...


Thank you again, for being who you are. I'm glad you got a second chance at a first Mother's Day...kinda sorta maybe :)

Your gifts are wonderful. May I please watch that Emma DVD with you when I come in. I adore Emma as well. Did you ever see the movie, "The Queen" with Helen Mirren? I own it. I can bring it in as well. It's great. I'm glad we like a lot of the same things. And the one's that you're sketchy about?'re willing to tolerate :) You were just kind of built to be a Mom. If you can handle a crazy mom-in-law, you can definitely handle kids.


Abby said...

debbie, we can totally watch those movies. i haven't seen The Queen, but I'd love to. It's something I just havent had a chance to watch. can't wait to see you and all your "craziness"...which really isnt very crazy at all. :)

Anonymous said...

you're a wonderful mother, abby. you know i think that. how could i not think that?


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