Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I have a lot of catching up to do. So this post will be a hodgepodge of things that have been happening recently. First of all, Eli and I have been working with Charlie and Liv on using lidless cups. I know, I know. Even my pediatrician thinks I'm crazy. But if I learned one thing at Mary Evans (the childcare center I worked at before having the twins) it's that babies are capable of many things you wouldn't expect. Including drinking from a regular cup. Soooo, why not let them?

Anyway, they are doing really well. This isn't the first time they have done this, but we've never tried it on a regular basis before.

As you can see, there is some fine tuning that needs to take place. :) But they are really getting the hang of it.

Besides this new advancement, Liv did another big thing this month. She went over to Gram's for her first slumber party! This is the first time my babies have been without each other. How did they do? They barely noticed the other one was missing! Ha ha! It was so wonderful to have Charlie by himself so we could give all of our attention to him. And he did things he's never done before. Without his normally chatty sister, he started talking a lot more and making sounds he's never made. It was so exciting.

While we doted on Charlie, Gram doted on Livy. (Muff wasn't there because he was called away on business to Shanghai, China where he is now in the middle of nowhere with no phone, no heat and eating "whatever was alive five minutes ago." Gross.) But here in the states, Liv visited with Gram and her great-grandparents. The next day they went to COSI and then to Wendy's where they had chicken nuggets and mandarin oranges. It was a success. Next month is Charlie's turn, and they will continue going for their sleepover every other month.

Finally, their friend Anne Brown just celebrated her first birthday. Her mother Liz and I were pregnant at the same time, with due dates just days apart. While Charlie and Liv were born early, Anne ended up being born on their original due date. Isn't life funny? So because of her birthday, we had a party to attend. Everyone had so much fun.

Happy Birthday Anne!


Stacey said...

The action shot of Olivia spitting the milk is priceless!
Love you all!

The Katzbox said...

Lidless cups...whodda thunk. You are brave and innovative and a great mommy and daddy!

I am transfixed by the idea that Charlie behaved differently without Livvy around. How fascinating is that! I used to speak for David-all the time. I would actually tell him what to say. As you may recall, we're only 11 months apart, but it lasted long enough for me to remember doing it...and getting in trouble for it. So this is extra fascinating to me...Charlie boy....

I can only imagine the fun Livvy had with Gram....ahhhhhhh

Great pics. Anne looks adorable. I love that friendship!!!!!

Emmy Slusser said...

Cute post! I am a big fan, too, of introducing kids to new things ahead of the curve. . how will we ever know if they can if we don't try, right? Your kids are so cute and so is that Anne! Miss you guys!

Brown and Serve said...

First I love the pictures of them using their cups. Charlie looks like he's known how to do it all of his life, and liv's picture is hilarious! Thanks for posting pics of Anne too. Now I get to have a few more that I didn't before. We are so glad you were able to come. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

everyone is just so dang CUTE!

Abbey said...

I, too, love the action shot! Gotta love good cameras!

We started ella on a lidless cup at home a few months ago, and she's doing really well, too! It's crazy, I think. They did it that way at the CDC at OU, so I thought I'd try it.


Linsy said...

They are allowed to drink out of cups without lids?! Oh my gosh! Were they doing that when I was up in Ohio, 12/26/09?


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