Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

Well, I have tons to blog about. Birthdays, Christmas, and our new DSLR camera! Woot! But all of that will have to wait as I feel the need to blog about my New Year's resolution before it's too late.

Resolutions have always been something I make some years and not others. They just haven't been that important to me, and by February I generally forget what they are anyway. But last year I made an official Non-Resolution Resolution. And that was to expect nothing in 2009. After all that we had been through in 2008, I figured that was a safe way to go. I am now thankful that I did that because 2009 continued to deal our family some blows. But with all of the lows, there have been amazing highs in our lives, and as we sit at the end of 2009, I am so thankful for my life. The Lord has blessed us beyond what our hearts can hold. There has been healing, love, humility, gratitude and a multitude of other lessons I have learned and that, I hope, have made me a better person.

So now I sit here staring 2010 in the face. What now? I don't feel that I can make no resolution or make the same Non-Resolution Resolution I did last year. It's time to more forward. And here it resolution for 2010...drumroll please...SIMPLIFY! In all ways possible, simplify. Temporally, spiritually, emotionally...simplify. I will try not to get caught up in all the small things that can easily deter us from what really matters. I will focus more on the things that do matter. These past two years have been my training for that, and it is now time to put it to action. I will try to enjoy every moment with my children and my husband. I will try to see only the positive in situations and people. But I won't do any of these things so much that it makes me crazy! :) SIMPLIFY. And I will do everything the easiest way possible. That means potlucks for parties people! Better start collecting your recipes now! :)

2010 is going to be a good year. I know that. Not because the last two years were tough, but because we survived them and are better off than we were. SIMPLIFY.


Mommy Tips said...
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Anonymous said...

how's this for simple - i love you.

Linda said...

I resolve to be Abby Bowman when I grow up. So much love to you 4. Linda xoxoxo

Emmy Slusser said...

Great resolution, Abs! I love it! And, I am the worst at simplifying, so this especially hits home. I am pretty ready for 2009 to be over. . . lots of great things to come in 2010 and I can't wait!!!
Love you!

Stephanie Jette said...

Amen sister...Amen!!

Anonymous said...

oh, linda.....i LOVE that! love it, love it, love it!

i, likewise, so resolve.


The Katzbox said...

Well, as I am late to the game here, maybe I should resolve to be more timely. Nahhhhhh

I love you. Beyond words.


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