Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

My birthday was this month. October 15th for those of you who didn't know and therefore could not send your gifts. Feel free to send one now, even though it's late. I wouldn't want you to feel guilty for the next year. :)

Anyway. This year I turned 27, and I can honestly say that this is the first year where my age has made me feel old. I wasn't even expecting to feel that way. I've always thought, what's one more year difference? But up till 25, you are definitely young. Then when you turn 26, you are just one more year older than 25, so what's the big deal? But once you are 27 you are much closer to being in your 30s, which isn't OLD, but it is certainly an adult. And I have two children, which aged me about 50 years in 1 minute, which is the length of time it took Dr. Mellilo to pull those babies out. Thanks Dr. M. I'm blaming this on you. :)

Despite all of this emotion though, I kinda dig feeling "old". It makes me feel much wiser than my 27 years. I have begun to see how different I am from today's youth. TOTALLY don't get why the 80's style is coming back by the way. No thank you. It was bad enough in the 80's! So here I am, enjoying myself. MYSELF. I like ME. I do still think about what others think of me, but not as much. I feel more confident, and I am enjoying my life. :) So far 27 is good.

Now on to the fun stuff. How did I celebrate? The day before my b-day, Eli took me to Vonn Jazz, a totally cool place with live music. And yummy food. The only downside was that it was a Wednesday, so the place lacked...well...people. But we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.

Then on the day of my birthday I spent the morning with my kids. Mom watched them when Eli got home from work (early), and the hubby and I went shopping, had dinner at Cucos (a delish Mexican place), and then did a little more shopping. The day after my birthday my grandparents came over and the whole family had dinner at Buca di Beppo downtown. YUM! And finally...yes, there is more...that Saturday we went to the pumpkin farm with the kids and our friends the Browns. I have pictures of that, but they aren't mine. Sorry for the repeats if you read Liz's blog. But she has this totally great camera, and mine...isn't so great. So I just relied on her pics to document the occasion.

Even though it was freezing cold, we all had a grand time. Can't you tell by the expressions on my children's faces? But really, it was a fun time. And the week was so wonderful. Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday celebration such a great success! I love you all!


The Katzbox said...

I'll sing you the song I'll sung for Adam:

Happy happy birthday, Abby dear.
Happy days will come to you all year.
If I had one wish then it would be.
A million bucks for and the same for me.


love you Abbykins.


The Katzbox said...

I meant, "I'll sing you the song I SANG for Adam"...yeesh....

Linda said...

Abby, Dear ... It's no wonder you feel so much older at 27 than you were at 25. Just look at the journey you have been through in the past 24 months - the highest highs, the lowest lows, arrivals, departures, changes in every part of your life. If you could have looked forward from then you would have said "Whose cute kids are these?". and "Where are our Dads?" "What happened to the Hidey Hole?" "Hey, isn't this Mom's house?", "Eli is working where?" Abby, all this, and you are as steady as a rock. You have handled it all with faith and grace and made it all look easy. Happy, Happy Birthday and many more. Aren't you excited to see what else life has in store for you? As it is now, you don't ever have to fear what lies ahead. You have come through so much, and are still healthy, happy and eager for more. All best wishes for all of you, Love Linda xoxoxo

Elizabeth Brown said...

you know what I love too? In that last pic Charlie totally looks like he's protecting Anne. He's her little guardian. BTW I took way too many pics of that day, that I swear I will get to you. I have um maybe 27 short of a million of all of our outting together that WILL make it on to CD's. Promise.

Anonymous said...

i love you, abby.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Valerie said...

I just realized that I believe your OB is the same OB for half of the pregnant staff at Helping Hands (my school). Huh, small world.

Mommy Tips said...

Linda: thank you for what you wrote. that means a lot to me. :) love you and miss you! when are you coming to Ohio?

Debbie and Mom: I love you too. :)

Liz: No hurry on the pics. I'll just keep saving them from your blog until you get around to it. Life is busy, I know!

Valerie: you and everybody else in the world seems to go to Dr. Melillo! Too funny.

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday, Abby!!!! OMG, you're so NOT OLD (b/c if you are, that means I am and I do not want to be old!)!!! You are, however, very mature for your years and is one of the reasons you're such an interesting person. Sorry I missed your day! Hope we see you, Eli and those munchkins soon.... :)


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