Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where'd We Go?!

We moved. On Saturday, we finally made the move from our little "Hidey-Hole". We had been looking for houses for a few months, found one, were in contract for it, and then Eli got laid off. :( It's been a bummer. I haven't blogged about it because I like to keep things more upbeat, but it's a big enough event that it probably deserves some mention. He's been busy interviewing with several places, and has some very promising leads.

Why did we move? Livy is SO CLOSE to crawling! She gets in the bear crawl position and can now go from sitting to crawl position and vice versa. Charlie has shown a little interest in crawling the past couple days as well. They were also in need of their own cribs, which we couldn't put up at our place. So needless to say, our place just wasn't working anymore. But because we couldn't move without a job, we have moved in with Mom and Borky. Liv and Charlie have their own room (with their own cribs!),

and Eli and I have our own rooms as well. It's working out well, and it's been nice having some extra help here and there. Eli and I are now busy packing up the rest of our stuff to get out of the old place.

It has been bittersweet for me. We loved that little house, and the location was absolutely perfect. Right in the middle of Old Worthington. Charlie and Liv made that house their first home. Part of the reason we moved there was to be closer to Dad and Don. Looking back, Eli and I see that is was no coincidence that when we had had enough of our last apartment, Mimi decided to move out of the Hidey-Hole. Because we moved there, we saw a lot more of our fathers during their last two years of life then we would have otherwise.

My Dad was everywhere in that house. I saw where he had sat and visited with me. I saw all of the paver stones he laid for the path. I saw the shelves he built. I saw where he sat when he told me he had cancer. And every day I woke up and went to bed looking at a poster of me holding my babies for the first time. It was the poster that Dad's friends made and hung in his hospital room. It's what he saw from his bed the last few days of his life. He saw me. And I have been seeing him in that same picture every day since. But I didn't bring it with me. It's time to move forward and live my life. Time to move forward with my family...with my children. And so far, it's going wonderfully.


Anonymous said...

SO glad you're here!

(now, ABBY! young lady! GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!)


Sarah said...

Thanks for the update, Abby. We've been thinking of you, Eli and the munchkins. Well, I know 2 things: 1) if anyone can find a job, it's Eli "The Man" Bowman [knock on wood!] and 2) having kept up w/ your mom's blog, you guys will eat very well! Yum!

We're coming to Columbus this wknd. Hopefully we can visit you (or visa versa) and get our chubby, slobbery children together!!!

The Lorenz's said...

So glad to hear an update! I've been thinking about you and the family lately. I'm glad to hear things are looking up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Eli!

Nic and Abbey said...

Charlie and Liv look so cozy in their own sleeping spaces!

Good luck to Eli and enjoy your mom's cooking. :)

Jessica said...

I wish Eli much luck in his job interviews. I'm sure you will miss your first little home. It really was darling.


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