Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We've Been Busy!

We went to the Ohio Stat Fair...

We stopped to see the sheep, but they just wanted to eat our stroller. So we moved on.

We stopped to watch this cow being milked, but all it wanted to do was drip mucus on our stroller. So we moved on.

We stopped to see this baby calf. Only 2 days old. It stood right up and started walking around. We stuck around for that, hoping to learn a thing or two.

We went to the Dublin Irish Festival...

We watched Anne's Grandpa play in an Irish band.
He's the one with the drum.

The three of us enjoyed feeling the grass while we listened to the great music.

Anne and her Mommy Liz were very proud of her Grandpa.
We thought he did a great job too.

We went to the Zoo...again...
But this time we took a boat ride. How big are we?

*Mommy Note: Livy absolutely loved this.
She kept looking around and breaking into the largest grin.

And Charlie has been...well, quite the "man".

He learned how to sit up on his own a couple days ago. So he decided that with his new found ability, he would strip down, grab a hammer, and fix that car. FINALLY. We've been trying to get that thing to run properly for years now.


Anonymous said...

oh, sweet, sweet, SWEET! i love this! thank you!

Linda said...

Oh, I really LOVED these pictures. I think Charlie may have the big blue Bowman eyes. He's getting so big-boy like. Sweet, sweet Livie - a picture- perfect baby. She would win any pretty baby contest! I just adore those two. Goodbye - I'm going to have to go find some baby to hug now! Love to all!

The Katzbox said...

Chewable! These pics are absolutely fabulous. Really. That one of Charlie looking directly up into the camera smiling just took my breath away!!! These are priceless. I so pleased that Lulu loves the boat...must be the rocking movement and the lapping sounds of the water??? Who knows, just happy that she enjoyed it.

Thanks so much. These are so great to look at...and steal, actually...this mac just slides them right off your site onto my desk top...bwahahahaha

The Lorenz's said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! The pictures are adorable!

Brown and Serve said...

I laughed out loud at your Ohio State experience. That was too funny. Love hanging out with you guys. you all are priceless.

Emmy Slusser said...

YAY! What a cute entry! WOW they're getting big! And not one Charlie crying picture! It's so fun to see him content and just pulling grass or riding on a boat. .sweet little guy. I also love that he's wearing one of Clark's old shirts and it totally made me baby hungry. And, LuLu! That face! Makes me want to squeeze it and kiss it! Irristable! MWAH!


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