Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coupon Amatuer...

That's what I was when I posted my last post about coupons. Oh my goodness! I am so excited about what I have learned that I'm about to have a heart attack! Deep breaths Abby.

Anyway. You need to know these websites. First, these are sites you can go to and load coupons onto your grocery cards. For example, if you have a Kroger card, you can register it at these sites, select your coupons and they are automatically downloaded to your card. When you buy that item and use your card...instant savings! The sites are CellFire, Shortcuts, and P&Gesaver.

Next, you can print out coupons (they allow you print each coupon out TWICE!), at SmartSource and EverSave. Both of these sites give you access to the same coupons, and there are a trillion other sites that do the same, so it can get confusing. I just stick with these two for ease.

Now, I have added a couple blogs to my list of blogfaves. They are: Stretching A Buck, Deal Seeking Mom, and Common Sense with Money. For those of you who don't live in Ohio, these might not be the best resources, but for those of you who live here...Holy Moly! Basically, you can go to Stetching a Buck every week and she gives you a list of all the great deals at the stores around town. She'll tell you where to find the coupon and the resulting price. People, we're talking tons of free items. Deal Seeking Mom keeps you up to date on all kinds of offers around town. For instance, through the 25th of this month, K-Mart is doubling all coupons and some are tripling them. Great money savings right there. Finally, Common Sense with Money is great for anyone to read. I just watched a video she posted about how to make three kinds of homemade cleaners. Easy, green and cheap. Gotta love that. Here are also some websites for dishwasher soap. Haven't tried this yet, so I'm not giving my "I love it" stamp of approval yet.

Hope this is helpful and you all enjoy this as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

i will check all of these out, ab! thanks for the great 411!

The Katzbox said...

Honey, your enthusiasm is not only adorable, it's contagious!!!

This is great!! Thanks for the alerts. I love it. Everyone does. You're wonderful. Keep it going!!!

The Lorenz's said...

Thanks for the tips - I'll have to take a look.


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